Sunday, August 7, 2016

Fun with Color and a Lesson in Weight

Today's two cards use the same stamps and layout but feel very, very different because of the color schemes, both of which were inspired by Pinterest.

First up, a funky gray, dark red, and yellow color scheme suggested by this pin. The colors are unexpected, dramatic, and even a touch sophisticated.

The second version plays up cool blues and analogous color scheme (colors side by side on the color wheel) that is peaceful, harmonious, and feminine. It was inspired by this pin.

Now, this layout works pretty well. It's pleasingly asymmetrical, and the busyness and stylized design of the flowers, especially the daisy petals, is balanced with the focused and handwritten "wish" of the sentiment. The sentiment is the focal point on both cards, which pushes the busyness into the background. The bling on both cards enhances the design as well.

But the very first version of this card didn't work because the weight of the sentiment just couldn't balance with the flowers. I figured I would show the failure as a lesson of what NOT to do.

What NOT to do!

The sentiment is just too light to stand out enough on the card. My eye's just not sure what to look at because there's no clear focal point, so even though I really like the color scheme and pearls on this version, the overall design just doesn't work.

Weight matters on a card, so make sure your sentiment is heavy enough or light enough to play nicely with the other elements of the card.

stamps: Papertrey Good Times, Beautiful Blooms 2
ink: various Hero Arts, Tim Holtz aged mahogany
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: rhinestones, pearls


  1. beautiful cards. thanks for sharing.

  2. beautiful cards. thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the visual lesson, the successful cards are fabulous. The third? Well it was OK till you saw the others!


  4. I prefer your second one! The colors speak to me.

  5. I clearly do not have a designer eye, because I liked your "failure" as much as the first two cards you shared.But once you explained it, I can see your point.
    BTW, what do you do with the cards you deem "failures"? Do you chuck them or send them anyway?
    I'm so grateful that you share your art & your design knowledge. Thank you.

  6. I all the color combos. I love the designs - flowers and bling - what's not to love. What if you put the sentiment on a banner to cover up the light weight one for the third card?

  7. I see what you mean about the first one you did. Could you rescue it by adding a big word above the sentiment? Like Smile! (... it's your burthday...) Love all three colour schemes. Thanks for your lessons - you enlighten us all.

  8. I would have to rescue the 3rd card because of the color scheme! Or make another one in the pinks and purple. Thanks for the lesson in weight - how true it is!

  9. I love your experiments with colour - they teach me so much. Also your design advice - sometimes I know a card looks wrong but I can't say why. Your weight advice is spot on and I shall look out for that in future.


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