Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bright Birthday Greetings

Stamping Tip for the Day
Sue C. asked about how I handle photopolymer stamps that have lost their stick. This one is easy: Dawn dishwashing liquid. I put any stamps that have lost their stick in a mesh colander, drop the colander into a sink full of warm water and Dawn suds, rub each stamp to remove the dust and oils that are keeping it from sticking, rinse, and place the stamps on Bounty paper towels on my counter to dry naturally. 

Bounty paper towels don't leave lint, so they are the paper towel of choice for my house. 

Anyway, this technique works great for getting stamps to stick again. 


Today's card offers up bright birthday greetings in blue and purple using one of my all-time favorite stamp sets: Turning a New Leaf by Papertrey Ink. The leaves and branches in this set are incredibly versatile and so pretty in a very clean-and-simple way. 

The berries come from another PTI set: A Wreath for All Seasons. The sentiment is from one of the Keep It Simple Birthday sets, also from PTI.

The great thing about this card is how versatile it is. You could use any color combination and any sentiment with it.

We are facing a winter weather advisory for tomorrow. Ice and up to four inches of snow are expected starting at 10:00 tomorrow morning. Snow, I can handle. Ice is a whole 'nuther critter, as my grandma used to say. Fortunately, I'll be home at 10:30 or so, and my husband is working from home tomorrow. We'll see what the schools decide to do.

Winter is a unpredictable time in much of the northern hemisphere, and I'm hearing about fires and mudslides in southern California. For all those impacted by weather--and the dire natural consequences of it--my prayers are with you...prayers for safety, for support, and for comfort.

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and safety,

stamps: Papertrey Turning a New Leaf, A Wreath for All Seasons, Keep It Simple Birthday
paper: Papertrey white
ink: Archival
accessories: dimensionals


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