Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Color Fun

For those who are interested, I posted on Questioning my Intelligence today. 

So the comments and emails that came in from THIS POST made me laugh. We really are a hot mess, aren't we? Most of our crafty flaws (at least those reported by readers of that post) involve three things:

1. We think there's something wrong with how we work. Either we start projects and never finish, or we wait until we have enough time to "finish" and therefore don't craft as much as we want.

2. We have too much stuff. We buy, buy, buy far more than we could use in three lifetimes, and we either spend all our time organizing supplies or no time organizing supplies. Too messy, too tidy, too much stuff, and not too productive.

3. We are too critical of what we make. Instead of focusing on the process and the fun of creating, we think our stuff isn't good enough given the money or time we invest.

At one time or another, I've been guilty of ALL of these things. And might possibly be guilty now but plead the fifth...especially after the conversation I had with Tina S today about all the cool new products coming out that we want so very badly.

Oops. Did I just accidentally confess?

Anyway, let's consider how all the time, effort, and money we spend on crafting affects us in positive ways. We aren't buying drugs or alcohol or gigolos. We are helping economic growth and helping pay people's salaries (although I don't imagine too many people are getting filthy rich selling craft stuff, but still). We are engaged in creative activity that science has proven keeps our minds sharp and happiness levels high. We participate in a community full of lovely people who are encouraging, supportive, generous, and kind, and thus forming social networks that prolong our lives. And we are laughing and having fun (when we aren't swearing at soggy watercolor messes or dropping ink pads ink-side-down on finished masterpieces).

I'd say we are definitely ahead in this whole crazy hot mess. 

Today's card explores a color combination I found on Pinterest of pinks and mustard/yellow. It's an unusual combination for me, but I love how it turned out.

After I'd stamped the raised panel, it looked a bit odd and pointy, so I rounded opposite corners to soften the pointiness. That gives subtle movement to the card, especially when I rounded the corners of the mat as well.

Pretty and warm at the same time. Yay!

Now, I'm off to learn more about the liquid watercolors Hero Arts is putting out. Those little bottles look positively irresistible!

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and self-control,

stamps: My Favorite Things Fall Florals, sentiment not sure
paper: Papertrey white
ink: various dye inks
accessories: craft foam, Corner Chomper, glue, rhinestones, Copics for coloring rhinestones


  1. I am doing my part! I have pre-ordered new products. I am positive that will immensely help companies predict what to invent next! I am going to be so happy when I get these new things because I have already paid for them! It will be like I'm getting presents! And I have already whittled down my Wish List!

    Wow! Go me! And thank you Susan for today's counseling session.

  2. Girl, as always, you NAILED it on your comments about how we tend to buy, buy, buy. And we ALWAYS say that we could have worse habits (drugs, liquor, golf, dust-catching figurines...). I positively LOVE to sift through my stamping "treasures". I call is "Scrooge McDuck-ing". (For those of you not old enough to get the reference, Scrooge McDuck, Donald's uncle, loved to sit on his pile of jewels and gold and just sift through it, admiring it, loving it. that's me with my stamping stuff!!! Hugs all around, Sherry

  3. Yes, my first thought was "unusual colors" for you - but boy are they gorgeous. And were you spying on me last night... "soggy watercolor mess" - that was me!


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