Monday, January 1, 2018

Teen Boy Birthday...Always a Challenge

What do you make for a teenage boy?

No flowers.

Nothing cute.

How about an artsy mess?

I love these lime green and aqua colors together. The combination's harmonious (or hormonious, considering), and the deep black sentiment pops right off of them dramatically (oh, the drama!).

The MISTI made this card possible. Getting all those blotches to stamp evenly is a real challenge, and I was able to restamp each time the results were less than agreeable with the MISTI. What a great invention!

Inside the card is stamped a birthday sentiment. I suspect that, really, what this teen boy will care about is the gift card in the card, not the card itself. But you never know. sometimes, the boys are the ones who care the most about the time you take to show them you love them!

As the mom of two teenage boys, I'm feeling the hormones and drama. Oh, my. Am I feeling it.


What do you do for teenage boys' birthday cards?

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,

stamps: Altenew A Splash of Color
ink: various die inks from Hero Arts, Archival black
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: craft foam, glue, MISTI


  1. great card!! no teenage boys to stamp for anymore!

  2. My youngest brother is 28, so no longer a teen even though he sometimes acts like one. However, he has kept every card I’ve ever sent him. I was so surprised when he told me that. You just never know - they may appreciate our efforts after all. :)

  3. I agree that teenage boy cards are difficult, mine are usually very plain. I love this card, however my attempts at 'messy' cards usually end up just that - messy. I would appreciate a tutorial on how you made the card if you have the time or inclination.

    1. Con, I will try. It's sort of like explaining how to use the force, though.

  4. great card - so hard to do - teenage boys - aggghhh

  5. I agree with the others...perfect card! I sometimes veer to geometric shapes for guys/men. Or Crazy Birds work for anyone...especially with a funny sentiment. My son was prone to use "whatever" a lot, so that popped up on his cards from time to time!

  6. I sent a thank-you card to a young man (not a teenager) a favor he did for me, and he went on and on (to my sister) about how beautiful it was and how nice I was to send it. I was dumbfounded, but it just goes to show that most people really appreciate the time and thoughtfulness it takes to send a handmade and handwritten card. Gonna keep doing it till I can't anymore!

    1. I am, too! You just never know when someone needs that extra bit of paper love!

  7. And thanks for the wonderful idea for masculine card idea. It is a great card and an inspiration that I shall use!

  8. For my grandson I have used geometric shapes with 'distress' or 'grunge' colors...(browns, grays, black) or his school colors. He's 25 now, and still use those themes, and throw in a Tim Holtz Crazy bird every now and then. He did save every card I mailed to him thru his college years.
    Lu C

    1. Wow, that's awesome. I wonder if my son will save the cards I send him next year. Not sure about that....

  9. Cool card. I struggle with the cards I make for our teen grandson.


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