Sunday, July 19, 2020

Happy Summer Color Challenge

Let's talk about color prejudice for a moment. I really like blues and greens and grays and pinks and reds, but for no logical reason, the colors yellow, orange, and purple don't generally appeal to me. And don't even get me started on StampinUp's old orchid opulence, a.k.a. Fairy Vomit. 

Just. Don't. 

Feelings about color run strong in people's hearts...just check out the interweb chatter every year when Pantone announces its Color of the Year and seasonal colors. Everyone has feelings about them. Color prejudice really is a thing, and it's just first-world bickering. Nevertheless, it plays out in our craft spaces daily as we favor some colors over others. 

So, several stamping friends and I decided to challenge each other to use colors that we don't normally like or use. The yellow and orange beach card from Friday is one such challenge card. Today's mustard seed and gray card is another. 

And I'd like to point out for the record that just because I don't like certain colors doesn't mean I don't buy them. Today's card uses Distress mustard seed. I bought it because I can't have part of the color wheel not represented in my stash.

No. I don't have a problem. Why do you ask?

Come on. Admit it. You have the same need for completion. This unhealthy insatiable need for rainbows of every product imaginable is an inevitable part of crafting and took me to Marco's Paper on Saturday to buy red-violet Copic markers for coloring bling because all my purple Copics tended toward blue-violet and, when you need red-violet, blue-violet simply will not suffice. 

But I really like my mustard seed card. 

Today's card uses Papertrey's old A Wreath for All Seasons stamp set...a longtime favorite of mine. To get more berries on the card (because it didn't look yellow enough), I rotated the berry stamp, inked it up again, and stamped. The bird is from Hero Arts Color Layering Birds and Blossoms. This VERY yellow card makes me VERY happy!

Now, today's post has been a light-hearted look at color in crafting, but those of us here in the United States know that real prejudice--the kind that oppresses human beings--is no laughing matter. If you're like me and interested in learning more about how to grow your inner anti-racist, one place to start might be the book So You Want to Talk about Race by Ijeoma Oluo. That's where I'm starting because no matter what color we are on the outside, we all bleed red and are beloved children of God, worthy of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness...along with equity and equality. We need to remember that. 

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and kindness,


  1. Im reading this while I have my morning tea - it made me smile - lovely card btw - totally know what you mean - I'm not so good with yellows or greens on mass ( apart from trees ) racism seems to be everywhere in the world sadly . love from Scotland

  2. This one struck a bit close to home :D Yes I have colour prejudice, but yes I own a least one of every colour I should ever need. I may need an intervention! I adore this card. Yellow I like and use but haven't tried it with grey. Liz

  3. Great commentary on the world of color,Susan. I do love yellow, although cannot wear it. My prejudice is the color orange...hate it except in the fall. Your card is very beautiful, love it!

  4. Simply darling!! I LOVE the yellow. Orange is my favorite color but it can be really bright for some people. I actually am partial to bright colors but I know that other people sometimes don't like them!


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