Sunday, July 12, 2020

Monday Morning Coffee and Real Words

Nothing's better on a Monday morning than a hot cup of coffee...because adulting is hard.

StampinUp's Nothings Better Thank set 
is so much fun!

Did you hear that Merriam-Webster officially added irregardless to the dictionary? So many people feel very strongly that irregardless is a not a word and therefore shouldn't be in the dictionary. A few years ago, I felt the same way. Then, I read Kory Stamper's most excellent book Word by Word. Stamper is a lexicographer, and her expert argument completely changed my mind about neologisms and other evolutionary changes in the English language. Irregardless most definitely is a word...a bad word, but a real word, nevertheless. Check out her blog post HERE for a funny (and extremely logical) definition of real words

I propose that Merriam-Webster fully commit to the verb form of adult...and to the gerund adulting. Currently, adult/adulting is on the dictionary's list of words to watch. Lots of people use it, and it is extremely descriptive of a state of being that the year 2020 has realigned drastically. 

Adulting is more bearable with a good cup of joe (or four cups, on Mondays), which I take "black as midnight on a moonless night." (Thank you, Agent Cooper.) Unless I take it in a latte swimming in steamed milk and sugary flavored syrup at my favorite coffee shop or from my favorite live-in barista, Nick. 

There is, for me, nothing between those two glorious extremes of "black" and "milky syrup with extra shots." How odd for someone who's a moderate in most other things. Mondays and I defy logic, it seems.

And in closing, let me just say, "The owls are not what they seem." But my oh my, they are adorbs.


How do you take your coffee? 

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and kindness,


  1. That's a very apropos card. I would like my coffee with one Equal, one Sugar Twin and a medium splash of 1/2&1/2. However,I drink my coffee black, no sweetener. It's OK. (Doing it for my son in law. -- it's a Catholic thing)

  2. love the card! I drink my coffee by taking coffee ice cream out of the freezer and putting a few scoops in my dish!! Otherwise, no coffee for me!!

  3. I obviously didn't pay enough attention to my SU catalogue!
    I may have only 1 caffienated beverage per day, so, most days it's Hills Brother's English Toffee instant coffee (it's cheaper than my fave - Sbux Caramel Macchiato!)


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