Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Journey Back in Creative Time

Sometimes, an inspiration piece leads us on a merry goose-chase for a satisfying design. Such was the case with today's card. The end, however, justifies the means, and the process was fun, too! 

First, here is the inspiration PIN. Mia's amazing. 

Next, here's the FINAL version of my card. 

The card is 7.25" x 3.75". The dies are by Inspiration Obsession. And I love the way this turned out! 

But the first version of my card flopped spectacularly, especially if you look at Mia's card first and then mine. I'd thought that since my dies didn't warrant as long a center panel as Mia's did, I could get away with shifting the dimensions. The shift to standard A2 card dimensions ruined it, however, and the single layer of the stamped panel, glued directly to the base rather than popped up as on Mia's card, looks terribly unfinished, flat, and blah. By returning to the original dimensions and matting the stamped panel, I was able to more effectively capture the spirit of Mia's lovely card with my different dies, theme, and colors. 

The creative process...sometimes you have to screw up to get it right. Persistence and patience and experimentation get us there in the end. But most important of all...I had a blast with this process. So yay, me! 

And many thanks to Mia for once again providing amazing inspiration.

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and kindness,


  1. There is something about white on white cards with a pop of color that I love. This is stunning!

  2. Fabulous card. The red sentiment and bird are the perfect pop of color.

  3. I love this card and all the white. Thanks for the inspiration. I need ideas for my Christmas cards.

  4. Love this card and thanks for sharing the not so spectacular 1st attempt. It often frustrates me that my vision doesn't match what ends up on my table. Liz

  5. a fantastic result. of course I liked your first attempt too. that pop of red is 100%

  6. LOVE Mia! And love your result! I am a big fan of a lot of white space, but I don't know why I keep trying to add more stuff. Here's my little 2 cents on your first card - what about trimming off 1/8" or 1/4" on each side? It might save it for you. Although, I think it is just fine!

  7. This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for the inspiration -- I've been wondering what to do about Christmas and Hanukkah cards this year!


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