Monday, July 20, 2020

So Many Colors

My next color challenge took the form of many colors--and dark ones, at that--on a card. I rarely use dark colors, preferring lighter or brighter shades, but the beautiful new dark red Light House from Ranger's Archival Ink made me want to play around. So to speak. And rarely do I use more than two colors plus a neutral on a card. Most often, it's one color and a neutral!

Anyway, after creating a rainbow of the larger butterflies, I filled in with the smaller butterfly and bling colored with Sharpies and Copics. The final shape reminded me of a balloon, so I added a birthday sentiment. 

So much fun! And such unusual--for me--layout and colors. 

What might you challenge yourself to do with color that you don't normally do? Consider taking some time this week to play. 

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and kindness,


  1. This is gorgeous and though so out of your range it is beautiful.
    My challenge isn't going to be with colors unless wearing a color other than purple as that will be a challenge for the next 2 days!

  2. I too love the range of colors you used. I also notice how well-spaced the butterflies are. Wonderful stamping.

  3. Love the colors and the layout! The shape is unusual and just works nicely with the little butterflies... Did you plan that shape or did it just "happen"???

  4. All that color! Who are you and what have you done with Ms Simplicity??? LOL! What a grand birthday card! Great job stretching your 'wings' :)

  5. absolutely love this. shows that lots of color can also clean and simple (even though it is hard to pull off!!)


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