Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another Resource for Sending Cards for the Troops

I always try to include some missing you cards in my boxes for the troops. This simple card struck me as particularly good for a guy.

The tree line stamp is from PSX, whose lovely images live on even though the company went out of business years ago. It doesn't show in the picture, but I lined the inside with white paper so a note can be written and read easily. This is standard practice for dark-based note cards.

This card went out in a big box of over 100 cards on Thursday to Sue Salsburg. Her contacts "over there" really appreciate getting cards to send home. Sometimes, they send Sue pictures attached to their thank-you emails, which she forwards on to those who send her cards, so if you send cards to her, make sure you include a note with your email address! Her mailing information is:

Sue Salsburg
11637 Elton Rd.
Navarre, OH 44662


I'm working on my list of New Year's Resolutions. The crafting ones include more scrapbooking and continuing 2009's resolution to use all my image stamps. One more set got used yesterday! What are your crafting resolutions for 2010? Trolling for ideas here!


  1. Well it's not rocket science but I would like to use up what I have stashed away - I'd like to say I'm not going to buy more stuff but I know I won't manage that but if I just say I am going to TRY and use more of what I have, resist impulse buys where possible and enjoy all the supplies I do have. I was just saying to my daughter-in-law yesterday that it is addictive...has anyone found a therapy to help me out? LOL!!
    Love the card too, by the way. Dear old PSX.....I do have quite a few and wouldn't part them ever. And the catalogue I have is an endless source of inspiration.

  2. What a great card. I wonder if I could use SU's "Lovely as a Tree" like this. I don't really have any resolutions yet with my stamping. I can think of many I SHOULD have, though. I have decided to be committed to Clear and Simple Stamps for another 6 months. One thing I'd like to do is use one of my old stamp sets each week this year but I find when I make those kinds of decisions I normally end up not following through with it for very long. So - I'm no source for ideas at this point. Sorry.

  3. We live in a little house that is rapidly filling up (only some of it is crafting material.) My resolution is a large bag to recycle or donate every week to tackle this daunting pileup.

  4. I'm with Joyce up there -- stash management is high on my list. Also, I'd like to try your resolution of using every image stamp -- I think that's pretty awesome! Finally, I'd like to actually scrapbook. I have all the stuff, even a few albums, but only one or two completed pages. To that end, I'm applying for a design team at my awesome local scrapbook store. Even if I don't get a spot, I'll have to get scrapping just to apply!
    Thanks for the address for your card-shipping friend -- does she have any requirements for sizes/shapes, etc.? Also, is it safe to assume she'd like envelopes along with the cards?
    Thanks so much, and good luck with your resolutions!

  5. You are so sweet to do that for the troops along with your friend...This card is perfect for them too! I want to try to get away from my favorite layouts...I tend to stick to the same ones cause they feel I guess getting out of my comfort zone which is HARD for me!

  6. She asks that there NOT be any sympathy cards. Thinking of you or blank is better. Otherwise, she takes all types. In general, glitter isn't a good idea for the troops. I send envelopes to match whatever size card I've made. I try not to send many square envelopes since they require additional postage, but she's never told me not to.

    Thanks for asking, Angela!

  7. What a lovely stamp, anything with trees is a hit with me but I love the way the sentiment just fits in the hillside perfectly.

    I have been doing a bit of a search to try and find a Canadian contact for sending cards to Canadian troops. Perhaps someone will read this and leave some details.

  8. Love this card. Like Joyce, I have SU's Lovely as a Tree, and will try it out. Stash management is also an issue for me. I moved my craft "studio" this year, and was somewhat amazed (horrified?) at the number of items I had forgotten I owned. Definitely need to use more of them. Since reading your blog has drawn me to CAS, I can look at these supplies with a new eye.

  9. Another great card! I'm working on make some more cards for the troops - THANKS for CASE idea.

  10. What a beautiful card, Susan. PSX had so many gorgeous images and I fortunately have the image you used today in my large collection of PSX stamps. I've used this image many times in a scene but never thought to use it on its own - just lovely! tfs

  11. I have always wanted to send off a batch of cards for the troops, so I appreciate a lead on how to do that. Do you know, does your friend want a minimum number of cards sent to her at a time?

  12. Wow! Thanks for the address for cards for the troops. What a great idea. I also really like your card. "Miss You" is definitely a sentiment that will ring true to anyone who gets that card to use.

    As far as crafting goes, I need to make more time to do it. I feel so good when I do, but I have definite drought periods. Consistency is key for me in 2010. And, perhaps, not buying stuff until I prove I can use what I have. (hard when one of your besties is a Stampin' Up! demo)

  13. mcaldera,

    Sue will take as many as you are willing and able to send!


  14. in the spirit of 2010..JUMP, i hope to do some scrapbooking. my fellas are 24 and 26. i wasn't into scrapbooking when they were little. when i discovered it they were teenagers, and all the books and magazines were layers galore, embellishments galore, and girls galore. i was so intimiated and overwhemlmed that i never started. now, however, with this simplicity inspiration from my new "genius" friend, susan, i feel empowered and excited to tackle my boxes of unorganized photos. as one of my other wise crafting friends reminded me, "how can MY photos albums NOT be wonderful? they have pix of MY wonderful boys!! so thanks to you, susan, i hope to JUMP into that project this year.
    once again, my gratitude.
    marty ferraro

    also. do you need to stamp or write on the back of your cards that you send for the troops? Operation Write Home?

  15. Wow, Susan...that many cards to such a worthy cause! Good for you!

    Love this one, btw. ;-)

    My crafting resolutions? Ooh...well...hmmm....

    1. Use up that which I am hoarding (DSP, namely)
    2. Continue my blogging journey (aka not give up)
    3. Find a way to sell my creations
    4. Hope to *make money*/sell more SU this year. Last year was, well, not a banner year. ;-)

    Thanks again for your inspiration! :)

  16. I've resolved to purge and donate my excess stash to the middle school papercraft club.

  17. Morning susan
    Yet another stunningly simple card. and thanks for the address.
    Resolutions?? MMM Stash management is a great word...I renamed it Inventory Control specialist. I am already a Purchasing Agent for Stamping related items!!! This year I must take a position on the production line!!!! and actually use what I buy.
    I loved the idea of using (trying to use) every image stamp. I have amassed over *** sets in 3 years (threatened with an intervention but asked my friend to wait a while!!!), so using every image should take some time. Problem is (not me, I'm never the problem!!) but closeouts, clearance racks and ebay!!!!
    Guess my biggest resolution should be self control!!!
    Anyway may your year be filled with completed projects and specail moments with your family

  18. susan,

    when you send cards for the troops, do you print or stamp
    Operation Write Home on the back of each one?

    marty ferraro

  19. What a nice idea for a "miss you" card. Those can be tough because they will mostly be sent by guys (so they can't be too pink or frilly) but they will go to girls (so they can't be too masculine). This is really the perfect medium.

    I haven't really set goals for myself yet, but thinking about it, I would have to say there would be two things:

    1. Finally post all the stamp sets on ebay that I purged from my massive clean up last year so I can get them out of my way and put some money in my bank account (there are at least 30 SU sets and lots of loose stamps). Then, donate all the markers, paper, embellishments to the local elementary schools art department.

    2. Finish the re-organization process in my craft room that I started a few months ago. It's going very slowly because with my illness, I get vertigo a lot if I do a lot of bending over and twisting around. Which makes any clean up challenging. So I will do one small job a day until it's done.

  20. This is a fabulous missing you card. And especially for who you're sending it to. I love the colors, and your style so much!

  21. Stash Management--love that term! I've already purged a basket full of no-longer-loved stamps which I started selling for $1 each and $5/set, regardless of sizes. I do this every January so as not to outgrow my Stamping Tower space. At the end of the month, I'll post the leftovers on my blog. Whatever doesn't sell will get packed up and sent to other stampers who would appreciate them. (One year, for example, I sent a bunch to a couple of stampers who had their supplies wiped out by Katrina.) I continue to keep and use my old favorites while making room for the new.

  22. Marty, I don't write anything on the back of my cards that I send to the troops. Perhaps I should. Also, your friend is right...your scrapbooks WILL be beautiful because they have your family on their pages. Better late than never. Jump right on that!

    Susan, I had hoped your vertigo had resolved itself. Sorry you're still struggling with it.

    Angela, like Doris, I love the term "stash management." Mind if I borrow it?

  23. love this masculine card. I have a goal to make a bunch this weekend and this one will definately be used for inspiration!!


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