Thursday, January 7, 2010

What Would Happen If...?

What would happen if I took yesterday's cards and added a bit of pressure embossing using my ScorPal?

Something like this, perhaps?

Aww, shucks. I embossed the lines too high and had to cut off a bit of the bottom to get it balanced, but so what? Still quite pretty. What would happen if I tried a Valentine's card?

Sweet! (Even if I do like the scale of the shortened card better....) But what would happen if I rotated it from portrait to landscape? Oh, and switched a stamped and punched heart for the square heart?

Happy sigh.

"What would happen if...?" It's my favorite question when crafting. Sometimes, what happens is a disaster, in which case I shrug it off and try something else. (It took me YEARS to get to this healthy mental state.) Sometimes, what happens is fine, in which case I either leave well enough alone or keep pushing. Sometimes, what happens is totally fabulous, in which case I share it with you!

Well, I think they're fabulous.

stamps: Papertrey Sign Language, Paper Tray, Heart Prints
ink: Versacolor
paper: PTI white
accessories: ScorPal, dimensionals, square punch (3/4"), small heart punch


  1. Seriously, you rock. Really. You totally rock my CAS world.

  2. I know we keep saying this --- "You're amazing" --- but it's just true. I'm so glad you try all these things, and then let us benefit from them. You really are so inventive, so creative. I love today's cards. They're so pretty, so simple, so effective. Thank you for your "what happens" attitude!

  3. I so like the ones with ScorPal lines than the "plain" ones; adds just a little bit more but still CAS. Thanks for your wonderful creations. Keep it up (no pressure):>)

  4. so very cool-my fav is the heart one-but I am a Valentine baby so I guess i am partial to hearts.

  5. Again. Fabulous. I love the scored lines. Keep teaching us. (I don't mind adding a little pressure.)

  6. Fabulous!! My favourite is the last one, lets the curves of the heart contrast very nicely with the horizontal score lines. Perfect!!

  7. So simple, so beautiful!

  8. Susan-i-rific
    thanks a new word we will soon find in the dictionary. love the life lesson in this post
    "Sometimes, what happens is a disaster, in which case I shrug it off and try something else. (It took me YEARS to get to this healthy mental state.) Sometimes, what happens is fine, in which case I either leave well enough alone or keep pushing. "
    Still working on the shrugging off part. Thanks for the reminder
    My sister gave me a book entitled "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff subtitle It's All small Stuff!!!
    patti moffett

  9. If only you had someone to sanction your work the way you sanction ours in advance so we don't have to wonder "does this need something more" or "is this better than that", or "will this work". You do the trial-and-error, and we get the benefit! Thank you so much!

    I love scored lines, but not more than what you did yesterday. "It's ALL good!", to quote you. :-)

  10. What would happen? They would totally blow us away! LOVE them! You're amazing!

    To me, today's cards are more "LateBlossom" than yesterday's, because they have a "wow" detail in addition to glorious white space. Now tomorrow if you add a bit of bling somehow (and keep all the white space, of course), that would be what I most think of as "LateBlossom": clean design, white space, plus a wow factor.

  11. i'm doing a happy dance.
    can you see me?!!
    LOVE these cards.
    score lines are an excellent touch!

    i pulled out my SU stipple celebration set yesterday, and had some fun with that. thanks AGAIN for the inspiration.

    marty ferraro

  12. I like the cards with the embossed lines better, they add a touch of elegance to the cards.

  13. Christine M (aka ceedee)January 7, 2010 at 12:07 PM

    Thought yesterdays were great but these are the business ... adore scored lines and landscape cards .... just perfect.
    Thank you :-)

  14. Wow. Fab. Love your style! Nuff said. :)

  15. I was thinking the same thing. What a difference...and I loved the original.

  16. OMG Susan - you just don't stop! You are totally amazingly creative and I wish I could get into your head!! I want to be like you when I grow up! Seriously these cards are so awesome!!

  17. How do you improve upon perfection? I don't know, but sometimes you do! I love the embossed versions, and the non-embossed versions. They are all fabulous!

  18. such a small detail makes such a big impact!

  19. Woo hoo! Love today's AND yesterday's cards! And here I am still waiting patiently for the MS scoring board to be restocked... So what do you think, will you go the extra step tomorrow and see what happens if you add bling???

  20. Tomorrow there will be bling. See what a first-born pleaser I am?


  21. Thanks for showing me "what happens if...."
    I don't venture there ofen enough.

  22. These are the make beautiful things happen:)!!


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