Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blog Award

This is the second post today...please scroll down to see Sunday's card!

TrishG of Encourage Joy was kind enough to give me a blog award! Thanks so much, Trish, for thinking of Simplicity. You're supposed to pass it along but I dislike playing favorites. Last time I did, it felt sort of weird. Instead, I'm inviting all of you to participate!

So here are 10 random things that make me happy. Please share something that makes YOU happy in the comments. It's amazing how uplifting it is to read about other people's happy things. Happiness is contagious and a disease I love catching!

1. Feeling the Lord at work in my life.
2. Books. Real paper books. None of that Kindle or Nook stuff for me.
3. Mochas. Because I'm drinking one right now and it's all that's keeping me upright.
4. My husband's cooking and sense of humor.
5. My children's hugs and the funny things they say.
6. Fountain pens.
7. Our gas fireplace.
8. My friends' hugs...even when they come through cyberspace because my friends are all over the world. How lucky am I to be blessed with so many friends?!?!
9. The people who help my children learn and grow.
10. Quality stamps.

Oh, man. I could go on and on. But now it's your turn. Please share something that makes you happy and share the joy!


  1. wow...generally I am a happy person and grateful for so many things in my life....
    -looking into the eyes of my boys and hugging them
    -my Dh...we giggle a lot
    -my wonderful, special friends...mine are all over the place too and some especially in cyberspace
    -not doing housework!!!!
    -CHOCOLATE...especially Mini Eggs that are now available all year round...whew....

  2. My boys would top my list.
    My sister and best friend (one in the same)
    My hubby
    My friends (online and down the road)
    My LSS
    My corner studio (in the corner of the living room)
    My iPod Touch
    Cupcakes (aka happy cakes!)
    The snow currently on the ground (we don't get much!)
    And staying up late when everyone else is asleep and creating something.

  3. Quite a challenge, but it makes me realize HOW MUCH I have to be grateful for!
    1 - my 2 sons, and therefore my grandkids, all live here in town!
    2 - my mother-in-law, whose 99th birthday we celebrated here yesterday, who none of those MIL jokes have ever applied to!
    3 - a husband who loves me even when I'm nearly unlovable.
    4 - living in Charleston, SC, where the weather is almost always good (except for hurricane season!)
    5 - having 5 siblings scattered all over the country, whom I'm very close to in spite of that.
    6 - computers, which allow me to be close to them (and also to have "Simplicity" every morning!)
    7 - my faith, which gives me so much support and comfort in my life.
    8 - microwaves, which allow me to spend less time cooking, and more time stamping!
    9 - my grandkids, 5,1 & 1, whose faces always light up when they see me.
    10 - Sundays. It's the day I take for myself --- no chores!

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  5. My husband
    My kids
    My grandson
    My sister
    My brother
    My Lord
    My camera
    Hearing the words "I love you"

  6. (some)things that make me happy(ier):
    -A clean house
    -a sausage biscuit+ a medium coke
    -a long walk on a cold day
    -my i-pod
    -creating in my studio
    -Josua Jackson from Fringe + the Creek
    -my daughter's sense of humor

  7. Knowing my faraway children are safe and happy.
    Hearing from old friends.
    My husband and his cooking.
    A good book.

    These are my happy things.

  8. These are in random order:
    Talking to a good friend.
    Some really good chocolate with hazelnuts in it.
    Finding shoes that fit (usually not easy for me).
    Knowing my son had a good day at school.
    Knowing my daughter had a good day.
    The flowers that I planted in our garden.
    Chobani greek yoghurt.
    Knowing I don't have to work all summer!


    P.S. Fountain pens ARE great.

  9. My husband's smiles
    My two cute kitties
    Peppermint Patties

  10. Ice cream sandwiches
    my DD
    my DS
    my DH
    my new red patent leather boots
    my friends
    my newly renovated home
    my extended family
    Diet Dr Pepper
    sunny, snowy days
    your blog

  11. 1. Playing Scrabble or Chess with Jenny.
    2. Reading the Bible with friends.
    3. Being in Love reciprocally.
    4. Cuddling with my kitties.
    5. Having a Project at work come out 'way better' than expected (customer perspective)
    6. Finishing a card that I love in under 1 hour.
    7. A good cup of coffee or tea while watching the view.
    8. Miniture things.

  12. Knowing God is in control and I am in His hands. He is the source of every ounce of happiness in my life.
    I wanted to share with you a card I made that you was inspired by you. I read every one of your posts, so when I tried this challenge, I was thinking of your style. Check it out here:

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  14. Knowing God loved me all through 2009, which was a bad year, and will love me through 2010.

    And my grand-daughter, Alora, who will be 6 in March. She's so smart, and loving.

  15. I know what you mean about passing these along (I'm a slacker and don't post my awards because of that same thing).

    I won't list ten, but the top thing that made me happy today: My son was in trouble for tormenting his sister. He lost computer games for the day. To earn them back, he had to come up with an extra chore. He decided to help put away the massive pile of laundry on my dresser. About 15 minutes into it he said, "Wow, mom this is a lot of work. How do you do it by yourself all the time?" And I was happy that he got the bigger picture of life as a mom.

  16. my coworkers crack me up every day. nothing like a good job to keep me happy!

  17. Ten things that make me happy:
    - my husband, all of him
    - a hot cup of tea
    - a freshly baked scone with peach jam
    - a great book
    - crossword puzzles
    - warm sunshine on my face (all but impossible at this time of year)
    - an episode of Big Bang Theory
    - hot, steamy shower first thing in the morning
    - colourful things (anything bright catches my eye and makes me smile when it's the middle of winter)
    - the love of my family

  18. What makes me happy???

    - My DD who makes me laugh and loves me even when I'm grumpy!!
    - Knowing my faraway kids are well and happy
    - The smell & taste of GOOD coffee
    - The smell of bread baking in the kitchen
    - My computer because it enabled me find your blog and lots of like-minded 'friends'
    - The first snowdrops pushing through the earth every January
    - The sound of rain on the windows when I'm warm and dry indoors!!
    - A good book and the time to sit and read
    - Walking on the beach in winter when the sea is rough
    - Finishing the daily cryptic crossword with my DH in less than 24hrs!!!!!!

  19. I'm happiest when:
    ...the sun is shining (and it's warm)
    ...I finish the Sunday Times Crossword in record time cat is purring on my lap
    ...sipping a Tassimo caramel latte
    ...a Bible verse suddenly "clicks"
    ...a stamping buddy drops in
    ...someone leaves an encouraging comment on my blog!

  20. I always have to think before I list so I'll be back with that but I wanted to say I've just found your blog and find it most enlightening. Well done! I'll follow and read happily.


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