Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Evolution of a Drab Idea

As you may or may not know, I love Barnes and Noble Booksellers. They have books and mochas, two things guaranteed to make me happy. So when I brought home this bag a few weeks ago, the thought popped into my noggin that perhaps, just perhaps, there was a way to make a card using a background stamp inspired by it. As I said on yesterday's post, I need to use my background stamps to justify buying more.

My noggin is completely stupid sometimes. What I was thinking? Woodcut designs are not exactly clean and simple, more like rustic and rough. After murdering many sheets of white cardstock, I had this drab little number:

I ask you, does this look like LateBlossom?

Yeah, I didn't think so, either.


Not unlike a bulldog, I wouldn't let this idea go and drooled on killed some more cardstock until this happened:

Still not exactly a LateBlossom card, but at least it's not drab. Mr. Petroglyph Lizard looks lonely on his frayed blankie, doesn't he? So I decided the miss you sentiment would fit. The two gemstones are just there to balance the sentiment and really should be brads because neither woodcuts nor petroglyphs bling much.

But they WISH they could bling.

You know they do.

stamps: various
ink: always artichoke, apricot appeal, pumpkin pie
cardstock: PTI white
accessories: Post-It notes for masks, rhinestones


  1. Oh pooh, you are too hard on yourself! They are NOT drab, either one of the them....I LOVE them. The color may be a little drab, but not in a negative way. They are calming, soothing colors and images. Great for GUYS.....my husband would only dress in brown and gray if I let him. "Color? What's color?"

  2. I happen to love these cards. :)

  3. *chuckle* I love reading your posts. I also love both of these - boring or not.

  4. I love the happy birthday card! I agree with the previous comment... you're too hard on yourself. Enjoy reading your blog!

  5. I agree with the others, Susan; you are too hard on yourself in your quest for perfection. I actually really like the birthday card. And while I haven't done a lot of stamping, I have done a lot of researching and think that you would like the card more if you stamped the word image once before you actually used it. That shading would make the words look a bit more like background and pop the leaf a bit.

    Hope you don't mind the suggestion. I've learned quite a bit from you and others. Plus, if you try it first, I can save my paper. ;-)

  6. :-) :-) :-) That lizard spread-eagled on a shredded blankie just cracks me up! The sentiment is so very perfect........You brighten EVERY day, Susan! FINALLY there's a use for my lizard stamp.

  7. Everyone DOES harbor a desire for a little bling!! Frankly, I think your "drab" leaf is awesome - it has that "white on white" look I so admire but can't seem to pull off myself!!

  8. I kinda liked the green leaf one too. Maybe if you stamp off the background part first, so it's lighter, and then maybe if you put some bling on the leaf, like a few scattered dew drops. Or maybe heat emboss the leaf so it's shiny?

    The lizard one is funny.

    Love your blog!

  9. I know you didn't ask (one of my main character flaws is that I seem to be unable to keep my opinions to myself!), but IF I felt the 'drab' card needed perking up, I would have put a thin red layer around the main panel. Or even bright pink, if it was going to a woman. That might be too many layers for a Late Blossom card, though! LOL!

  10. i'm convinced! buy those background stamps. i love both of these cards. the first one all fits together, looks great, and i really like the script bkgrd. the second is also wonderful. i love the color. your cards are inspired!!
    marty ferraro

    thanks for the encouragement with my scrapbks!

  11. Ha ha ha...I love to read your thought processes while creating. :) I think they both turned out, but I like the 2nd one better. ;-) Someone's suggestion of stamping off the bg first on the leaf one is a good idea!

  12. Too funny today! :) I too like both cards... the first one is oh so perfect for a masculine card. The second one just all round works!

  13. Sharon, the idea of off-stamping the script is superb.

    Marty, thanks for permission to buy those bg stamps. I needed that. I'm loading my cart at Stampin' Treasures!

    Ardyth, why don't you make your version of the card with the matte and post a link here. And always feel free to voice your opinion here, asked or not!

    Everyone, please note I didn't say the leaf card was bad (it is, in my opinion, a great card for dudes partly because it IS drab), just that it isn't "LateBlossom." Tomorrow's post is Quintessential LateBlossom. You're gonna love all the white space! Giggle!

  14. Even though you weren't real keen on the first card, I like it a lot. I'm a leaf person. :)

  15. Drab? No way! Actually, before I scrolled down, I thought the book bag was drab... Your cards are simply delightful, as usual.

  16. Soft and beautiful. I love the feel of the frayed blankie a lot! TFS


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