Sunday, July 11, 2010

Label Maintenance


I'm updating and reorganizing the labels for posts to make it easier to find things. This will take a few days (494 posts...ohmygosh!), so please be patient. Hopefully, the new system is more consistent and will be easier to use.


  1. Ah, you are brave. I thought about doing this as well. Note to self: when creating a tag with semicolons, you do not get separate tags. Rather you get one, long tag. I was ignorant in my early blogging.

  2. The thing I've always liked about your current system is that your titles for your posts have been catchy, such that I easily find the card I'm looking for, later.....and I'm stunned how often I do go back to see some detail I didn't pay attention to the first time I saw your card.

    The thing is, your postings are memorable enough that I also have easily gone back to find a web site you've mentioned or some other resource like the name of a stamp or the color of an ink.

    Bottomline, I've loved your current system and use it more than you would suspect, I bet.

    But everyone's mileage varies, so to speak, and just thought I'd throw my hat into the hopper in case you're still mulling over whether or not you really NEED a new system. Maybe others have a difficult time with the current one, but I don't.

  3. Sounds ambitious! Must be something you're doing in your spare time... ROFL!

  4. Yeah, I need to do the same...but I don't have anywhere near that number of posts!


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