Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One-Layer Wednesday 11: Be Funny!

Given the very sad weekend I had, this challenge is perfectly timed. I prophetically scheduled it early last week when I made this card and giggled.

I want you to make the recipient of your card laugh! Let your humor loose and have fun!

My card uses an upcoming set from Mark's Finest Papers called Background Fun. I love the tumbling squares of crackle background (stamped using a mask made with a square punch and large post-it). The happy colors and looseness of the design create such fun contrast with the traditional way of looking at a crackle background as vintage or distressed.

Rules for OLW11

1. A one-layer card is defined as a single piece of cardstock folded in half.

2. Use humor to communicate your message, either by using funny images, funny words, or both. Make sure the colors reinforce the fun! Embellishments must be kept to a minimum.

3. Remember to share your creations by posting your card online and then using the InLinkz button in the sidebar of Simplicity to link to it.

4. Most important of all...HAVE FUN!

And now I'm off to comment on the rest of last week's OLW10 cards...what fun!

stamps: Mark's Finest Papers
ink: Memento
paper: Mark's Finest Papers
accessories: post-it, square punch


  1. Crikey, you don't make things easy. As if my lack of natural artistic ability isn't enough you now want me to be funny!!! Yes, very prophetic.

  2. Super card!! Will have to try this with my crackle background. Smiles and laughter = good therapy.

  3. Excellent challenge! I hope all of us give you the chuckles you need!

  4. This should be easy. love to have a good laugh or a giggle. I already have a few idea bulbs lighting up at the moment. Thanks Susan! Love your card.

  5. UT! OH! I gave away my favorite set of funny stamps because no one else thought they were so funny. Maybe I could have struck your funny-bone.

    I want that cracked background, but wouldn't in a million years have thought to do with it what you did with it last week and today. Faith has to be popping her buttons, having chosen you to represent her company.

  6. I am just giddy that I was able to make a card so fast and that I successfully added it to your sidebar. Wheeeeeee!!

  7. I'm so glad I stumbled across this challenge tonight. Thanks for the chuckle before heading to bed!

  8. So many fun cards! I´m sitting with a smile on my face:)
    I´ve added a card too!


  9. What a great way to use the crackle image. Fun colors too.

  10. I just love this - I would NEVER have thought of using this background stamp like that. Brilliant. LOVE IT!

  11. Fab use of the background stamp Susan! Love the colours you used.

    So many fun cards, thanks for a great challenge, needed something to smile at this week :)

    Take care


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