Sunday, July 11, 2010

Miss You Sailboat and Lustful Thoughts on Cardstock

Today's card came out of a desire to use every image stamp in Masculine Motifs before I buy another PTI set. The sailboat was the last image I used. (You'll see some of the other cards next week.) And yes, the waterline was made with deckled know, those totally uncool and much maligned cheap scissors. Score one for old-school tools.

Design Thoughts: I wanted to challenge myself to make a card using dark cardstock, the reasons for which I will discuss below. This scrap of SU's night of navy works beautifully with the Memento London Fog ink, but it was a tad dark. So I wrapped the silver cord around to break up the dark space, popped the whole stamped piece on a white card that I cut down to give an even matte for the stamped panel; the panel is 3.25" x 3", the card is 4.5" x 4.25", giving a 5/8" matte all around. The boat is moving away from the miss you sentiment to reinforce the idea of someone having sailed away.

Not sure why I knotted the cord under the sailboat. I actually think the knot would look better under the sentiment. But I still like this card a lot and am pretty proud of myself for using that scrap of really dark cardstock.

Lustful Thoughts about Cardstock: I have tons of the stuff. Most of SU's old colors that I bought in the 24-sheet packs. A huge selection of 12" x 12" cardstock for scrapbooking. A couple packs of PTI's colored cardstock assortment. A two-inch thick pile of various cardstock from Mark's Finest Papers.

But mostly, I use PTI's neutrals, mainly white, because my style doesn't gravitate toward colored card bases. It's going to take me FOREVER to use all that colored cardstock if today's card is any measure of my happiness with using it.

Colored cardstock does, however, come in handly as backdrops for photos.

So why do I want to buy six of the new colors from SU? Ink and paper. My life will be incomplete without them!

I only want maybe five sheets of each, not an entire pack. My demo will likely sell them to me by the sheet because she totally rocks. But really, I don't need more colors of ink or cardstock. I am amply blessed with a huge collection of both.

Sigh. Common sense tells me one thing. My paper lust tells me another. Which will win?

Only time will tell.

Coming Up Tomorrow: The first day of Mark's Finest Papers Blog Hop! Yeah! My first blog hop! I can't wait to show you the fun stuff I did with this month's release sets. They will be available TOMORROW for purchase PLUS if you participate in the hop, you could win a FREE SET from next month's release (which I have seen and it's fantastic)! How totally cool is that?!?!

Happy day, everyone. Make it a great Monday. The Spirit of Furry Golden Sunshine commands it, so who am I to argue?


  1. Hi Susan,
    SU Night of Navy is one of my favorite colors!
    I like the cord knotted below the boat, it gives it motion.
    Nice card.

  2. You really do put a lot of thought into every project you do and it shows. Very nice "miss you" card.

    I also MUST have all the new SU colors even thought I have every color SU has made past and present. I don't even use a lot of the really old colors anymore. I keep thinking that I will sell or RAK them but I'm afraid that as soon as I do I will have a project where true thyme would be the perfect color.

  3. I know what you mean, Susan. The other day, I was upstairs and needed to make flash cards for my son. All the construction paper got moved to the basement a few months ago, and I thought, oh, that's so many stairs to go down and then up again! So I looked at my stash and decided I could sacrifice six sheets of Only Orange easily. LOL! Then, DS only missed three of the 48 words. What a waste of my time. The kid's reading is taking off. I'm so happy! And there are six fewer sheets of Only Orange!

  4. And what about PTI's new color plus the fabulous things Nichole has on her blog today! I'm trying hard not to buy from her this month - already spent a wad at CSS.

  5. What a terrific design! The silver cord is the perfect detail on the navy water.

  6. So proud of ME Yes I hoard some of you I'm afraid I'll need the color I let go. However in true Susan fashion, I recently gave away 2 large priority boxes filled with precut card bases to a card ministry at a local church. Feeling so good about it I allowed myself to buy cloud9 Double Mat Stack for .97 at Michaels (yes that is ninety-seven cents.) It had 24 (4.25 x 6.25) designer paper mats and 24 (4.75 x 6.75)solid mats. Also for .97 were three packs of epoxy brads and 3 packs of cardstock elements stickers. (the kind in Su's Simply Scrappin' kits). THEY ALL MATCH When I got home I immediately dug out old cardstock someone had given me 20 years ago before I was into cardmaking!!! It was lovely. I worked and worked and came up with 71 cards, using EVERY single little piece. SO PROUD and happy I used everything. When I went to clean up I fell down laughing...I actually purchased 2 double stack mats...what's a girl to do...go back to the cardstock well and because I am a hoarder I was able to use this COMPLETE pack as well. So sometimes being a Girl Scout (always prepared) is a good thing. At least that's the permission I give myself to "stock up" on cardstock. After all, as evident by Su's recent purging, you never know when they will discontinue a color.

    patti moffett

  7. Your card is wonderful! I love pattern paper. Cardstock I can part with.

  8. Susan, I really loe your sailboat card. That night of navy cardstock is beautiful and the string is perfect as is. That is my humble opinion. (smile)

    Kindly, Peggy

    P.S. Don't get me started on Cardstock, I just looooooooooove it.

  9. Again, your card is simple, serene and stellar. You are a magician with CAS.
    One way I use up paper is to let everyone choose a different color scheme when I demonstrate to my card club. I make up little kits and people get to choose one-the first people to get there get first choice, and my design is basic and can work with any of the papers in the kits. It also saves having to buy 20 of the same thing.

  10. Susan, I love your card. And I love your explaining the reasoning behind all you did with it. It's wonderful to know there's a reason (and it makes sense) for the placement of the sentiment, or adding the silver cord. I love it when you explain things and I get it! You should turn the orange flash cards over and use the backside for cards! I never thought I'd use all mine until I got the Tart & Tangy stamp set, and now I have no orange left. I ordered every color CS that SU is retiring; how bad is that!

  11. Lovely card today, Susan - Masculine Motifs has called my name a couple times, but I've resisted thus far. Besides, it's clear I'll need (or at least lust for) a LOT of this month's releases -- for pete's sake, have you SEEN today's group post? Oy. I'm in trouble. And I do have all of SU's new colors (or will, once my next order gets in). My hobby-demo status is a dangerous thing.

  12. I STILL use those old-school scissors, ONLY because you made me retrieve them from the waste bin one day when you posted something using them and I thought it was the best thing ever. I use them often now, so thanks for saving me. The one I use the most is the one you used today, because it is just a really subtle touch when I need something extra for a masculine card and I don't want the frou-frou of an edge punch.

    Looking for a REALLY dark, almost black, brown, I ordered S
    U's new Early Espresso, ink, paper and ribbon and will gladly share it with anyone who wants some, because it is very disappointing for my purposes. The paper has a dull grey cast, as so many of the new dark-colored papers do anymore, even the blacks, no matter the brand. It's as if the inks have changed and nothing is really the saturated-color look I used to prize. Good thing white is the favored base card stock here!

    The silver cord on your card is the Susan-touch-of-genius for today. And I love the knot exactly where it is.

    Off to Blog hop at MFP. Seems like it's been a forever wait and I hope we can all make Faith feel as lucky as we think she is to have your special touch in her camp, so to speak.
    Word Verification: plard, and I can't even think of a funny, but I know there IS one there.

  13. P.S. MANY blessings to the Spirit of Furry Golden Sunshine.


  14. The silver cord is a great idea to break the darkness of the cardstock, love it! My most-hoarded coloured cardstock is dark brown, I love it's richness. Enjoy the sun!

  15. Hmmm, a dark, stormy sea and a miss you sentiment. A beautiful card nonetheless. The silver cording is the perfect touch. :)
    Speaking of spirit of Furry Golden Sunshine, my brother had to call his house-call vet yesterday... it was time for his almost 17-year-old golden. So double sadness.

  16. Susan, because I don't use that many colors, I buy the new "in color" sets that give you like 4-5 pieces of each color. THEN I can decide if I really like a color and can buy more. They are also doing that with the new "core colors". Just my .02 worth :>)


  17. Oh, paper lust absolutely must win! Why? To start with, the new colors, and the in colors, are absolutely luscious! You just can't be missing those wonderful colors! Then there's always the possiblility of actually USING some of that lovely paper........

  18. Hi, Susan!!
    Again absolutely wonderful card!! I try for cas but never manage quite as well as you!!
    The sailboat image is screaming my name!! lol

    Maybe your paper obsession can be a new challenge for you!

    I have an obsession will all paper, wait let me rephrase that, I have an obsession with everything regarding Scrapbooking and card making! lol
    But I have a build up of patterned paper and other unloved supplies, so when I get the chance to play I use that to challenge myself, I must use paper from what ever stack on every card i make that session.
    It has given me a chance to use things that have been sitting around and I feel less guilty when I buy something new.

    Happy Stamping!
    Amanda B

  19. This is so perfect...the colors, the sad little sailboat sailing away, makes me miss someone--anyone! It just conveys the mood perfectly. Thanks so much for explaining how and why you did each step. That is a big help for me!
    I think I collect cardstock because I love seeing all the colors lined up on my shelf. How sad is that?

  20. This is so perfect...the colors, the sad little sailboat sailing away, makes me miss someone--anyone! It just conveys the mood perfectly. Thanks so much for explaining how and why you did each step. That is a big help for me!
    I think I collect cardstock because I love seeing all the colors lined up on my shelf. How sad is that?

  21. This is yesterday's card, but it keeps drawing me back. It doesn't look sad to me, and there is something about it that rings all my chimes. I'm not a fan of boats or water at all. But this card is on my list of Top Six cards. I HAD to expand the Top 5 list to include this because I've been back to look at it so many times.

    I think it's crying to be published because the silver cord is a genius-artists-touch that MAKES it, but what does a silver cord have to do with anything? There's a profound message in that card, I think.


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