Sunday, July 25, 2010

On Blog Hops, Envelope Advice, and the SU Bird Punch

On Blog Hops

If you missed the Clean and Simple Blog Hop, please check it out. A bunch of very talented ladies made amazing cards to celebrate the Fall-To Layout's 100th sketch. You can join them by making your own card and linking to it on the C&S Blog.

Envelope Advice

Next, I have had several questions about card sizes and envelopes. I DO NOT MAKE ENVELOPES. I'm just too lazy, and besides, envelopes are even more likely than cards to end up in the trash. Too much effort for too little reward: that's my opinion. So I KEEP IT SIMPLE and limit my cards to sizes that will fit into envelopes I have on hand.

Fortunately, Marco's Paper has a brick-and-mortar store that's an easy drive from my house. It's a fun place to browse for envelopes, with lots of sizes, papers, and colors to choose from. Here are my favorite sizes, all of which take standard US postage:

A2, for 5.5" x 4.25" cards (standard for half an 8.5" x 11" sheet of cardstock)

A6, for 6.25" x 4.5" cards

A7, for 5" x 7" cards

#4, for 4 7/8" x 3.5" cards

#7.5, 7.25" x 3.75" cards

Marco's website for envelopes is confusing right now (looks like they might be updating it), so I'll not provide a link at this time. It's not listing sizes for the envelopes. But my advice for buying envelopes is to find an office supply store (mom-and-pops have more selection than, say, Office Depot, and often will sell by the envelope, not just prepackaged boxes) or a fine stationery store, and browse. Seeing and touching makes a huge difference.

Then, you can adapt your cards to what envelope sizes you have. For instance, you can make a square card using the smaller dimension that fits into a standard envelope (i.e., a 5" square card fits in an A7 envelope). The US Postal Service charges extra for square envelopes, and that's a great way to avoid the extra charge.

To remind me what sizes I can make, I post a notecard on the bulletin board over my desk listing the card sizes that fit the envelopes I have on hand. It's just a little index card with a handwritten list, but it works to remind me that I can change the size as needed.

I hope that helps newcomers to card-making feel a bit more oriented on card sizes. Get the envelopes; then make the cards to fit. It's far easier and less stressful that way!

SU Bird Punch

Today's cards use the StampinUp bird punch and PTI's Text Style background set. The first version uses bright colors, and the second is very subtle. I think changing the colors really changes the feel of the card.

Design Discussion: Once I saw these cards in photographs, I realized they would look better with either a) the sentiment on the left instead of the right or b) the bird facing right. I counted on the fact that the leaves point at the sentiment to guide the eye, but it bothers me that the bird is looking away from the sentiment. In fact, it's almost like he pooped out the sentiment. Ewwww.

Other than that little design faux pas, I'm very happy with these light and airy cards.

stamps: PTI
ink: Versacolor
paper: PTI
accessories: SU bird punch, dimensionals, bling


  1. Oh My - the bird and the had me laughing like crazy. Honestly I probably wouldn't have even noticed it, but I'm glad you said I'll have that in the back of my mind as I put stuff together.

    I love the cards - so simple but very elegant.

  2. I love these two bird cards, I'm always looking for simple inspiration for this punch and the text stamping is perfect.

    Have to say I am LOL at the bird pooping out the sentiment...I love coming to visit your blog Susan :)

  3. Lovely design - I love my punch and this is a new way to use it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Just loving that punch, not sure we can get it over here tho Two beautiful cards.

  5. I love your two SU bird cards. I have that punch too and love to see it done differently to the way I've done it. Think both your cards are really cool

  6. Great cards, made me laugh again, poor bird that would have been painful!! :) xx

  7. I prefer my images (or punched shapes) to face the open side of the card, which in THIS country is on the Right. I have issues with (for example) the Loads of Love truck, because it faces Left.

    And I didn't even think about that bird pooping until you said something. ;)

  8. OMG I love these two and now I have ideas for using my SU bird punch. Hope it is okay if I cardlift this idea.

    Thanks for the posting on envelopes I think it helps all the newbies.

    I work at Anchor Paper and they have a huge selection of envelopes any color or size you could ever want.

  9. Such a innovative use of the bird punch! Love it! Where do you get such beautiful ideas! U r a genius!

  10. Thanks for all the envelope information - I'm printing/saving! I love that SU bird punch, although I don't own it, but I sure wish that I did :) Your comments about the bird and the sentiment have me cracking up!

  11. Great info about the envelopes and thank you for adding that all of those sizes take a standard stamp. Now to print and keep it as a reference tool

  12. You are giving everyone a good laugh today! I have a secret list of card pet peeves and you just hit one of them. I've never understood why people are perpetually placing objects on the back sides of birds---it ALWAYS makes me think of poop. :)

  13. Susan, thanks for the envelope info. I've never varied from the normal size card (8 x 11 sheet cut in half), because I only have that size envelope. Never made a square card, either, or even an 8 x 11 sheet cut the OTHER way). Now I know what works with what, and can branch out! Love the bird cards, and got a good laugh out of your discussion of them!

  14. Wow birds pooping, butterflies pooping, you kinda think about pooping a bit! Ha, ha

    About the envelopes, I love a website called check out the "metalics" they are awesome, great prices, and fast shipping.

  15. You are a very special person... thank you for sharing!
    Here's a link I just ran across and since you just posted your envelope advice, I thought I'd pass it on, here.

    It's an oldie/goodie!

  16. hi susan,
    love the combination of this bird and script. i am pretty sure i "need" both of these items!!
    you are so clever, and thanks again for sharing your talents.

  17. Really like your cards. I have this bird punch and can see so many more uses with it! Thanks for sharing your designs and, of course, your personal observations!

  18. I also make my cards to fit envelopes I have. Just makes life easier.

    I like the simple design of your bird cards. My fave is the white on white one because the pattern is so subtle. I think the sentiment is fine where it is. You are so funny that the bird "pooped it" out. I don't think it matters that the bird isn't looking at the sentiment because birds can't read anyway :-)

  19. Great envie advise, Susan!

    Your bird punch cards are so beautiful as they are! I love the delicacy of them!

  20. I love both cards but especially the white on white. It's so elegant! I like that at least the bird pooped in perfect colors. LOL, you are a hoot!

  21. I love when you do white on white!! Such a clean, elegant look!

  22. It's possible that the sentiments fell gracefully from the leaves, rather than from the bird... :P Regardless, these are both lovely cards!

  23. Too funny, Susan! Pooped out a sentiment, huh? So would you have turned the bird facing to the left? I'm loving that punch--thanks for enabling!

  24. Bird facing to the the right!

  25. Fabulous cards and tips! I never thought of the sentiment as pooped out though LOL!!! I still kinda like the bird the way it's facing already!
    I still have the card similar to these that you sent me a few months ago - it takes pride of place on my desk and when I feel all stressed I can just feast my eyes upon it and feel peace and calm take over :D

  26. Love it! It reminds me of a card I made in the fall, it looked like the little birdie pooped out the sentiment, but I still loved the end result. From now on, my birds will only face the right side of the card.:)

  27. That is soooo funny! Your comment on your little bird looking like he pooped out the sentiment sure made me laugh. :)

    I love all your design tips and thank you so much for sharing them. They make so much sense and have helped me a lot.

  28. I just added this website to my google reader, excellent stuff. Can not get enough!


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