Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Christmas in July

I'm on a Christmas roll, folks. Might have something to do with avoidance, or just the fact that I suddenly realized I'm hopelessly behind on my Christmas cards. Two hundred: THAT is how many I make every year. Right now, I have about 20. It's way more fun to panic about not having enough Christmas cards than to think about the dog that's not lying by my chair.

Thank you again for your support and encouragement and prayers.

Today's card uses Papertrey's Silent Night flourish and a sentiment from Signature Christmas, also by Papertrey. I wanted to make an ornament with the flourish, and spent a long time staring at it before deciding to use a hand-drawn box to frame the ornament and sentiment. The little bit of blue cardstock is punched from a small square.

It seriously bothers me that there is a tiny little bit of silver ink sticking up at the top of the "string"...I need to just let it go because I like everything else about this card.

The new One-Layer Wednesday will go up tomorrow. Y'all did a great job on the last one, and the next one should be lots of fun, too!

stamps: Papertrey
ink: Brilliance sky blue
paper: PTI
accessories: silver metallic pen, circle and square punches, template for drawing box, dimensionals


  1. Love your card :)
    You could always turn that little silver ink sticking up into a little bow...to tie the ornament to the top of your handrawn box.

  2. Another beautiful, perfectly simple card. So inspiring! One day I'll be clever enough to make cards that are almost as good!!!

  3. Perfection is highly over-rated!! I stared at that card for several minutes before reading your post and didn't notice that little mark.

    BTW - beautiful tribute to Hoover...hugs to you all.

  4. Um, still can't see the sticking up bit after staring for a while. I do love the card however. Hugs for you as you remember your four legged friend.

  5. Love your card. At first glance, I thought you had two layers going but it was the outline around the image. And if the silver line continues to 'bug' you, draw a simple bow resting on the border.

  6. The card is beautiful. I cannot imagine making 200 Christmas cards!

  7. Love this idea with the flourish on the ornament, plus I like blue Christmas cards.


    P.S. Your envelope arrived today, I love all those artsy papers, I will have to get creative (it's been a while...) Thanks again!

  8. silver line? what silver line? I can't see it :)
    I have the hardest time making more than one of any card design, so I feel for your 200-card situation. Oy! Well, it's way too hot to go outside, right? Stamp away!

    WV: haphrka - I wanted to see the whole continent, but I only made it to hAphrka.

    That may or may not be funny.

  9. It IS funny, Angela! Very cute.

    About the little bit of silver, it's just such happenings that mar EVERY card I make, no matter that I stop breathing when I get close to that point so I won't do it.....and then I do it! But since you never have done it, and I didn't notice you did it this time, I'd be happy to claim that card as one I did so it would bug me instead of you, because it's a lovely card and only you would think to decorate an ornament with a flourish.

  10. I really like the vanilla color with the soft blue. Very pretty and serene looking.

  11. I had same idea as Jaki - can turn your tip of silver into a bow if it bothers you that much. I am always looking of ways to fix my bloops! :)

  12. Beautiful card, Susan! I know what you mean about the 'bump' of silver bothering you. It would bother me, too, if I had made it. But look at it this way...it couldn't be hanging if a little bit wasn't above the line, now, could it? If that doesn't make it better, I like the adding a bow idea.
    It's a great card no matter how you look at it!


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