Saturday, July 17, 2010

Where Am I?

Do you ever have that feeling that you're headed in twenty different directions all at one time, wondering what your name is and how in the world you'll ever find out because there's JUST TOO MUCH OTHER STUFF TO THINK ABOUT? Add to that the fact your dog died, and you'll understand how I feel right now.

Weird, huh? I need to push the STOP button, rewind and regroup. Fortunately, for this blog, at least, I have a bazillion cards already photographed and ready to post. But as for getting organized enough to do the two tutorials I want to post, well...let's just say my directions at the moment would read something like instructions translated from Chinese to English by a ten-year-old whose native language is Swahili.

This, too, shall pass. I thank you for your patience in the meantime.

One cause for my distraction and confusion is all the new product doing a Chippendale strip-tease before my eyes. Papertrey's newest release (OH MY GOSH!), the new StampinUp catalog (which I am still drooling over daily and have yet to order from because I can't make up my mind about anything right now), all the Mark's Finest Papers goodness that is already in my possession just waiting to be played with. Memory Box, A Muse, and Clear and Simple Stamps joined those first three on stage as well. Life is too short to do them all.

Do them all. Egads, I'm such a stampin' slut!

Anyway, to calm myself during the sneak peeks from Papertrey, I pulled out stamps of the office supply/school/book themes that I already have and played. Today's cards are two of the results. Please note the use of paper clips. I want extra credit for using supplies that have languished in my collection for far too long.

I didn't like the sentiment on the first card when I made seemed a bit too busy for me at the time. So I went simpler with the second, and changed the color scheme to something happy and upbeat and friendly. Plus, I used a big brad: extra-extra credit, don't you think?

In retrospect, I like them both and wonder why I ever felt that first sentiment was too busy. Whatever.

I hope y'all enjoyed the MFP blog hop as much as I did! I've had a few people say they really don't like sneak peeks and find it frustrating to see stamps used long before there's a chance to buy them. I'd love to hear more opinions on this issue. My plan for now is to wait until about ten days before the August release to post peeks of the August stamps. That way, it won't be too long a wait until you can purchase them. But what are your feelings on this?

stamps: SU Office Accoutrement, Hero Arts sentiments
ink: Memento (except the SU real red)
paper: PTI
accessories: flower and heart punches, brad, paper clips, dimensionals


  1. Susan these are both adorable!! LOVE the paper clips with the heart and flower on them!!

  2. Those are great and I'm happy to hear that other people feel like I do about all those amazing stamps out there. Stampin slut, that's a good one... chuckle chuckle. I think it's fine to play with what's up and coming- b/c really it's about building up suspense and making us believe that we cannot live without x, y and z.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved dog (member of the family) Susan. Thinking of you. Love your cards. I like the look you achieved.

  4. Credit given - paper clips and a big brad! I like these, I think the red sentiment could initially look too busy because of the black dotted lines however,I think it works!

    Sneak peeks - I love them (partly because I know I don't have the money to buy much at all!) but as Erin says it's about building up suspense. Also I'm the sort of crafter that likes to see how a stamp or product can be used before I buy. Therefore, the more ideas I've seen the more likely I am to buy. I'm not great with sneak peeks where you only see a small section of the card/stamp - that is definitely annoying and certainly doesn't inspire me to buy!

    Rambling finished!!! Hugs, Hev:)

  5. I thought your sneak peeks were well-done. If someone doesn't like them they just don't have to read them. :0) One thing that irks me, however, on a blog hop is when I'm both enjoying the samples posted AND submitting in the hopes of winning a stamp set - and then one or more of the Design Team posts their sample late. Then a person either has to come back later or forget it. I realize life happens and some things can't be avoided but if you're on a Design Team and your post is supposed to be up by a certain time, well, it can be pre-scheduled to make that happen. But, hey! In the whole scope of life - not important.

  6. What a super fun idea to use an office supplies theme for your cards. The adorned paper clips are such a cute accent. I especially like the color combo on the second card.

  7. Hi Susan, I'm with you on the thoughts and feelings that are running through your head right now...totally understand...and my heart aches for your loss. I'm positive Hoover is in Doggie Heaven.

    As far as sneak peeks - I don't mind the marketing approach, but as others have stated, I'd rather see the whole stamp and not a snippet of it during the teaser reveal. Thanks for asking.

  8. love sneak peaks...its fun to dream about which ones I really like and the possibilities of design...keeps my creative ideas flowing and boy do I need help!!!
    as always blessings
    patti moffett

  9. Hi Susan,
    Both cards are wonderful. However, I prefer the "memo" card. The B&W with red really catches my eye and seems soooooo very appropriate for the 'heart' theme, I like the sentiment.
    Have a happy Saturday.

  10. Love the cards and the fact that you call yourself a Stamping Slut. lol. My friends say I am a paper whore because of my addiction to paper.

  11. Ooh, love the bright colors in your second feature. I really don't mind seeing sneaks early, I think you can show more variations which would give people more "need" to buy the set.

  12. So sorry to hear about your dog Susan, sending you big hugs. I think it's important to not pressure ourselves to blog when we don't feel like it or when life gets too busy, sometimes it's important to have a break.

    I love your cards - I reckon the first sentiment really works! As far as sneak peeks go, I love them - the more samples I see with new sets the more inspiration I get (and usually the more I want them lol!) Take care, Kate xx

  13. A++ with double extra credit! Love both cards and way to go for using up some old supplies. Heaven knows, I have tons of that sort of thing around here.
    As far as sneak peaks go, I have a love/hate relationship... they make my heart palpitate and make me eager to keep coming back to see more, but my impatient "I want to see it all now" self can get a little frustrated (that is, if I can stop my heart from beating so fast that I can actually think a thought like that...).
    But, I'm with you on the overload thing (and my dog is still alive -- so sorry about yours)... PTI's fantastic release that I spent too much money on, the new SU catalog, my Unity Kit of the Month that is on my way (I always say I'm going to opt out and then I see it and have to have it!), etc. etc. etc. Eek! Is there a way to quit my job so that I can have more time? But, then there's that money thing...

  14. Great colors and design on both cards! Thanks for the inspiration. Stamp slut??!! LOL. My DH refers to me as "Stamp Tramp".

    I only follow a couple of blogs and I don't do blog hops. Much too time-consuming. Would rather spend my time stamping. Sneak peaks are OK....although I do get a bit tired of all the marketing hype. Have a sign in my studio that reads: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." I'm resisting the temptation to purchase anything new. My craft supply inventory is at max!! Love to take an inspiring card (like all of yours!) and try to re-create the design using what I already have.

  15. Love both cards also. And extra credit given! I don't mind sneak peeks but to be honest I often don't pay too much attention to them.

  16. I love your blog -- always a bright break in my day. Thank you for showing the SU office set. I had to have it when it was on the retiring list a few years back and have yet to use it. You've inspired me.

  17. Hey, wait, I HAVE THIS SET. Grrrr. But I love what you did with it. And definitely extra points for using paper clips. My gosh, but I have a collection of cutesy office supplies .... somewhere.

    As for sneak peeks? I think they are genius from a marketing standpoint in building up excitement and frenzy, but personally, I like to wait until everyone else is done, go in and look at all the new stuff at one sitting and buy what I want. But that's just me. I don't do frenzy much.

  18. Yep, completely understand. And in the middle of it all, life still has to go on somewhat normally for those around you. The cards are gorgeous - especially the paperclips!!!! Look forward to the SU catalogue, we still have to wait another month and it won't be anywhere nearly as extensive as your version.

  19. Extra credit hereby granted! These two cards are great -- and makes me ponder my stash of coated paper clips... here I thought they were work supplies. :P Sneak peeks are fine by me, since I usually need to deliberate before I buy something anyway. It's my frugal gene, I think. ;)

  20. Love your cards...again.
    Not a fan of blog hops and release frenzy. I feel like is just one big commercial.

  21. I know the experience of "Grief Brain." I hope you will be patient with yourself. It does get easier.

    I do like sneak peeks. I feel so virtuous when I can resist! It's happened, really!! Once or twice, for sure!!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful work and thoughts!

  22. My stash includes paperclips with little greenfrogs at the top, sooooo cute, but dumb on every card I've tried to use them. Same with spiral paperclips I bought in every color known to man. What was I thinking?
    Thanks for inspiration.....all I needed was to think "office supplies" for a theme.

    If you've noticed from Paperlicious, we won't die if you take some time to get all your ducks at home aligned again. Well, MAYBE we won't die. :-) If you decide to do that, I'm going to start back at your beginning here and rerun one day at a time. That would be a fun project.

    Or maybe I'll do reruns just to enjoy your new labeling system that I love but didn't think I would like. Whatever, I know I WILL have to have a Simplicity-hit a few times a day and I never tire of looking at your reruns.


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