Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grunge Me...More Color Contrasts

For today's Grunge Me cards, I'm sharing a pair of one-layer cards that use essentially the same stamps as yesterday's cards only in a cleaner way...sort of what you'd expect of me, I suppose. *wink*

Who asked for happy colors? Marty? Well, there isn't any green, but here you go with Memento Bermuda, tangelo, grape, and whatever they call the hot pink.

While I like the happy colors, they are just a tad too bright to have the sentiment stamped over them. The words are too hard to read with all the background noise of color. It's a bit--just a bit--visually confusing.

So here is the same idea with softer colors of Memento ink: cantaloupe, yellow, lavender, and pear tart.

See? That's so much easier on the eye.

And I got to type the word pear, which makes me giggle.

Oh, the spatters from Grunge Me are enhanced by the ink blots from Happy Trails, also a PTI set.

stamps: PTI Grunge Me, Happy Trails
ink: Memento
paper: Beckett Expressions Iceberg
accessories: not a blessed one


  1. Both cards are fabulous but I can see what you mean with the first card!! Great cards!! TFS! :-)

  2. yesssss!
    i LoVe these!

    so do tell.
    did you stamp the text first,
    or the colors first?


  3. Love both cards, but the second is easier on the eye and does allow you to focus on the text. Jo x

  4. I love these cards and their gorgeous simplicity!
    I would never have guessed that pattern was a stamp!
    Lowri :-)

  5. Just wonderful Susan and the colours on the second are perfect.

  6. Oh YEAH! The second card is defintiely easier on the eye! But I like 'em both.

    Hugs, Sandra

  7. I like the second one the best. I need to get out this set and play.

  8. Marty,

    Text first, then colors.


  9. Hi Susan, Well I'm very impressed, all this random splodge stamping is so good for you, I'm really enjoying seeing your grungy side LOL The second card just pips the first but I just love the whole design, hurrah! Gay xxx

  10. As a preschool teacher, my fav is the FIRST card! Such vibrant colors!!

    I am envisioning making a supply of flat cards with your design to give parents when a child has accidentally soiled his clothes with paint, chalk, or water-based marker.

    No ADDITIONAL explanation would be necessary!!

    Thanks, Susan!

  11. I love the combination of colors in the first card but you're right, they're hide the sentiment! The second card is much better, "peary" good!

    Isn't Deb's idea grand?

  12. Absolutely love these cards - I have to say the first is my favourite - so bright and vibrant, but I see what you mean about the text! The second looks amazing. I really like this set of stamps!

  13. Add me to the first-is-favourite camp, but just by a bit. These are both so much fun!

  14. oh my!
    love deb's idea about her preschoolers.
    there are soo many clevery folks out there!
    thanks for sharing.

  15. Oooh, I love these, Susan! I have that quote and the Grunge Me set, too! Love, love, love!!

  16. These colors are so striking with the Grunge set - makes me look at my grungy sets with a whole new eye.
    ~ wendy


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