Saturday, June 4, 2011

Stuff and Things

First of all, I'm all off schedule, and this bothers me. I hope to get back on my regular posting schedule (so those of you who receive Simplicity in your email get it first thing in the morning), but the next few weeks may be a bit, um, unpredictable. It doesn't help that I can't trust Blogger to post when I pre-set the time for posting.

Second, my personal review of the summer issue of Take Ten is lukewarm. After a couple of perusings, I think there are some truly FABULOUS things in it (and you'll be seeing me playing with some brilliant ideas in the next month, I'm sure!), but the summer issue has nowhere near as much clean-and-simple gorgeousness as the spring issue. If you're looking for more embellished, shabby chic, distressed, or artsy card inspiration, however, you'll be extremely happy with it.

Third, here's my latest order from Mark's Finest Papers. [Full Disclosure: I paid for this stuff as I'm no longer on the DT. I will continue to use the free stuff I received during my time on the DT, but I want you to know that I'm putting real money there as well. The products and customer service are fabulous!]

The Smooch colors are Carrot and Kiwi. LOVE them for summer! The twine is nice, too, and I love the fact that it's wrapped on wooden clothespins. It's easy to tuck the loose end into the groove of the pin and it stays in place nicely. The orange twine is a fab summer color...very bright and happy. The lime twine, however, is more of a soft mint...a bit bluer, rather than yellower. Still very pretty but not true lime to my eyes.

The limeade cardstock is a perfect match for Memento's Pear Tart, and as I'd used up all my DT sheets of it, I had to order the pack. Also, the white 140lb cardstock is so nice and heavy and perfect for card bases. This is actually my second purchase of this particular cardstock, which is equal to PTI's in quality but has a smoother finish. That little difference is fun to play with for me, but then, I'm a white cardstock whore.

Fourth, here's my first order from A Muse. I ordered from Krystie, who was kind enough to send me a catalog when they first became available. All I've done with these cuties so far is put them in my catalog. The images are what you would expect from A Muse: crisp, perfect, and very clean. More on them later, after I've had a chance to play with them.  As you can tell, I'm in a summer groove right now....

Fifth, here's today's card. When I posted recently that Dot Spot was one of my favorite PTI sets, several people asked for ideas on how to use it. I've made about six cards this week with it and will post them over the next few days. This one is my favorite of the bunch, only because it's so incredibly simple, and y'all know how simple I am. Give me paper and ink, and I'm happy!

How-To and Design Tips: I stamped the cherry stem from Everyday Button Bits in Memento bamboo and then added the two smallest Dot Spot circles in Memento rhubarb. I filled in the center of the dotty circles with the solid circles in the set. The sentiment, from EBB like the cherry stem, is one line, but I stamped it as two to tuck it into the cherries. The red sweet and green you're so create two visual triangles of color that unify the very simple design. Rounding the bottom corners works with the round cherries and polka dot leaves.

Sixth, because five things just are not enough, please check the previous post for the winner of the washi tape!

Have a lovely, sunny weekend!


  1. dot spot is one of my favorite pti sets, too and i would have NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS thought to combine it with everyday button bits!! your card is genius!!!

  2. No wonder you're so good. It is amazing how much thought and planning goes into your cards. This card is a perfect example. Nothing is done by chance, all placements have a reason. And this is proof how well that works. Beautiful!

  3. Wonderful and sweet card! Your creativity is amazing as always.

  4. That's brilliant!! Yes Dot Spot is a great set and even better when you show its great versatility.

  5. I am thrilled beyond words everyday when I look to see new cards and ideas. You inspire me and make me want to spend 8 hours a day in my craft studio. Don't ever stop creating and writing. Love your blogs.

  6. Adorable card! Very inspiration - I need do more clean and simple designs.

  7. Lovely cards so well thought out...and thanks for the honesty on the Take Ten summer issue....don't want shabby chic so no need for me to purchase...thanks for saving me money - and that is much more money than you paid for yours as it has to be flown over here and then postage to me from England. I'm grateful!!!

  8. I was interested in what you said about the new Take Ten - I loved the spring one so much I decided to subscribe so when my summer issue arrived I was very excited, made a pot of tea, got out my favourite lawn chair, settled in to be amazed, and was so sad to feel disappointed. I put post-it notes on the pages that inspire me and my spring issue has twice the post-its of the summer issue. Fingers crossed for the next issue to inspire me more!

  9. I just peeked at the Take Ten in B&N but thought the exact same thing. I couldn't find enough WOW to make me need to buy it.

    Also, it drives me batty how they are so inconsistent with listing the different ingredients for the cards. I don't need to know the cardstocks and inks, but not knowing what stamps were used is almost physically painful.


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