Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Pair of Cards from Talented Readers, a Sparkly Dolphin, and a Happy Stamper

When George and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last week, two kind and talented Simplicity readers sent us cards. Check out the pretty piece of lace tucked into the knot of ribbon on Patti's card, as well as the masking she did on the oval for the sentiment and the rounded bottom corners. Sweet!

Card by Patti M.
While Patti went romantic and sweet with her card, Linda E. decided on taking a more, shall we say, risque approach to our 25th.

Oh. My. Gosh.

I died.


Card by Linda E.

Seriously, this is a pretty card, even if you're a perverted Engish major. Look at Linda's lovely rock-and-roll shading on the pears, and I love how the die cut stamped panel and mat corners mimic the shape of the pear bottoms.

*snort* She said, "Bottoms."

I can't do this. The card just makes me laugh, giggle, and think naughty thoughts, which was entirely Linda's intent. If you are new to Simplicity, and perhaps feeling a tad lost as to why Linda sent me a pear card to make me laugh and think naughty thoughts, please read this post to get in on this ongoing and extremely juvenile, yet oddly intellectual joke. You'll never look at pears the same way again.

Geeks are fun!

They also, occasionally, make punny, sparkly dolphin cards.

The sparkles may be hard to see (click to make it big), but the dolphin has been colored with a gray Bic marker and then colored again with a clear Sakura Stardust pen. The waves were stamped with Brilliance Sky ink, so they also shimmer a bit. Stamps are by A Muse, and the paper is SU bashful blue and PTI white.

My son took the following photo. He doesn't know his mother is a weird English major. He just knows she spends a lot of time sitting at her craft desk playing with paper and pens. He occasionally likes to play along. But mostly, he wants to take pictures of his feet. I kid you not.

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  1. What wonderful cards! And tell your son he took a fabulous picture of his Mom!

  2. Susan
    These are such pretty cards. So is mom.

  3. Thanks for sharing these two beautiful cards! Your look fabulous in the photo! Happy Belated 25th Anniversary! Mine is coming up this August! 1986 must be the BEST year to get married!

  4. Happy Anniversary (a little late).

    Teacher humor: I would never survive in a real world grown up job, nor would my teaching partner. Every time I say, "I have duty this week," he chuckles, "You said doo dee." We are both 41 and are both sad, sad people with almost 4 degrees between us but not a lick of maturity. I totally want a pear stamp now so I can make his birthday card and see if he says anything.

    For those who wish to judge, try being with 20 nine year olds for 6.5 hours a day nine months out of the year. Ya gotta laugh!

  5. Susan, you simply made my day...

  6. Great photo of you. Loved the cards, too. I have a Cosmo Cricket pad of paper that has pears on it - think of you every time I see it. :0)

  7. Great photo and super cards - they must have meant you were a great "PEAR"!!!!

    Belated Happy Anniversary - it's our 25th later this year too.


  8. Well, i think the question should be what haven't i bought lately! The new SU book is out in about two weeks, so I'm so worried that some of the retiring items might be lost to me forever, so it is a must that I purchase them. I have bought mostly retiring stamp sets.

  9. Glad you like the car but Linda's is really more you and George. I wonder if the pear stamp could be used to create the old lady image bending over we see in many yards during the summer...not that the old lady is you...paraphrasing a stamp I have "Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty (insert humor here) never grows old"
    patti moffett

  10. Love all 3 of today's cards! Added to my to-get list is now a Stardust clear pen. Love the waves off the popped panel. And you're right --- Linda's pear card is great! Everything about it is nicely done. So snicker all you want, pears are lovely!

  11. Love your dolphin and waves! Also love my Sakura clear pen; use it lots.

  12. Fabulous photo of you! And I love the cards you received (the pear one did make me laugh as I've read your post on pears!). And as always, I love your dolphin card.

  13. Thanks for the technical advice, I've been unable to comment for weeks.

    You look lovely.

  14. Love all the cards, and I'm laughing about the pear one! You look beautiful.

  15. I know that you were thrilled to receive these beautiful anniversary cards. My congratulations to you and your husband on this milestone anniversary! My most recent cardmakaing order included lots and lots of 6 x 6 paper pads. There are so many beautiful papers available now and I use them on almost every card I make.

  16. A late happy anniversary wish and a thank you!
    Now that I have picked myself up off the floor and dusted the dog hair off from the rolling, I must comment on the mind of an English major. It seems many a teachers' mind runs in the same vein. The things that go through our minds at the simplest comments or innocent statements, oh my! I'm only an elementary grade teacher, but the use of "rock and roll" combined with the "pear" imagery post sent me around the bend! Must come with the diploma ;-D

  17. To Susan W: I'm not an English major or a teacher; however, I snorted at the "rock and roll" also. But I simply couldn't make myself say anything about it - I'd already said enough with the card.

    And one more thing: don't ever say you're "only an elementary grade teacher...". My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation go out to you and all the teachers out there who make a difference in the life of a child.

  18. Belated Anniversary greetings - thanks for sharing these cards - they are really super! I love the "pears"! And the photo of you is terrific - your son has a very good eye!!

  19. Belated anniversary wishes! I must have missed it during the great computer meltdown. Me and mine are coming up on 20 next month. Lovely/hilarious cards from Patti and Linda; yours is gorgeous!

  20. Lovely photo, and happy (late) anniversary, well done!
    Sunshine New Zealand


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