Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Variations on a Set: A Wreath for All Seasons, Part 3 and Some Mindless Blathering Thrown in for Free

Thursday is the last day of school.

I'm scared.

Very scared.

The noise.

You have no idea.

Unless you have or had small, loud boys living with you.

Then, you have an idea.

Pray for me.


At least this card is quiet. And pretty. And makes me happy.

Those three statements in the previous paragraph, however, do not make me happy. They are not grammatically parallel, thus rendering the use of the two fragments rhetorically ineffective rather than casually cute. More properly, the three statements should be combined and punctuated as follows: "At least this card is quiet and pretty, and makes me happy."

Now that I think about it, the corrected sentence might provoke scholarly debate over the comma. Some experts prefer the comma in such situations, but others avoid commas like split infinitives. Both groups of experts have a point, but I like the comma. Truly uptight grammarians might insist I add an it before makes. I used to be an uptight grammarian.

I have recovered.

I think.

I'll shut up now about grammar and get back to the card. First, it uses Memento's Pear Tart and SU's Real Red. Then, it uses some little flat red metallic nail heads (Hobby Lobby) as berries on the wreath, which means it's super flat and easy to mail. Finally, it has rounded corners, accomplished using my new corner-rounder thingy that Marty sent to me because she's the nicest person ever.

stamps: PTI A Wreath for All Seasons, Signature Christmas
ink: Memento and SU
paper: white
accessories: nail heads, corner rounder


  1. I used to have 2 small boys, and now have grown sons. I miss the boys, but not the noise. I understand your fear :) But we moms manage, don't we? Lovely card, by the way. And I do enjoy your grammatical interludes. They are amusing and thought provoking at the same time. You are amazing.

  2. I have one boy who does me in never mind several! I feel your pain! Hang in there :) Great card.

  3. Thank you so much for this card and grammatical worries. I've had a hell of a night, and you've put it all in perspective with a smile. And I like the comma if it works for the meaning. Do not think too much about these sentences! Hmm, maybe I'll pull out the Pear Tart...

  4. i know what you mean. I have two loud boys. Even when they sleep they will make noises. They love to play; who is the loudest. They also have a teenage sister. Great fun showing her a spider or making dirty noises.

    But i still love them

  5. Good morning Susan, OOh dear I too have had two boys and understand, as long as you have a darkened room to lie down in occasionally you might, I say might, make it through the holiday, sympathies:0)
    I have to say the corrected sentence doesn't quite do it for me, I would prefer not to use the comma before the 'and' but I couldn't say why, it just doesn't sit well. I'm always getting my punctuation wrong but I think somewhere, in there, it all lurks!
    Your card is a sea of calm and extremely pleasing, in fact I'd say a delight, I love it:0) xxx

  6. I couldn't resist popping over for a comment -- your probably-recovered-uptight-grammarian musings always make me chuckle. I'd say that comma could stay or go, depending on the sense the speaker wants to convey -- calm and measured, or a bit more rushed. And I'm down with the fragments, too ;)

    Either way, though, your card is certainly a lovely bit of calm before the post-school storm!

  7. Pretty-love those flat nail heads. Will check them out next time I get close to a Hobby Lobby (I live in a small town you know).

  8. Susan, yes, I had two boys but I can't say that they were over noisy....they were to into reading so that helped enormously.
    Yes, school holidays certainly make life different for Mothers - you gain though in not having a routine at all for a while...sort of freedom (not from noise!) but please.....take on board this.....better to be able to make noise and play than not able to play or shout. Preaching over LOL!!!

  9. I think elementary teachers deserve lots more money, and even a halo and wings, at the end of the year. Chocolate and a thoughtful thank you card suffice beautifully however. Just think of containing those small noisy boys long enough to teach them to read! But oh what bliss when they catch on and learn to sit quietly and read.
    Love, love, love how you make us think of a myriad of subjects while teaching us design.

  10. I worked as an elementary school teacher for awhile but went back to my original career as a public library librarian - it might have been the noise of all those small boys (and the shrill shriek of all those small girls) that caused the switch back. At least in the public library you get the kids in small doses!

    I love the card. It's total perfection in my eyes.

  11. Terri (blindstamper)June 2, 2011 at 10:23 AM

    Thank you!!!! :)

  12. LOL! Yes...gone are the afternoons of quiet stamping. I have until next Wednesday (my boys last day of school). NOT that I am rubbing it in!
    Your card is fab, Susan! :)

  13. LOL!! I will join you in being scared too!! Too funny, we have 3 1/2 wks. left of school, so I still have time to 'prepare' mentally. Love your sweet card!

  14. Oh dear hope you are coping my two boys long gone now have 4 grandsons love to see them but love it when they leave perfect peace har har and just love the card Luv Sue x

  15. Uh-oh, I might be an uptight grammarian! I do like your card and can't wait to see what else you do with that set.

  16. I feel your pain! We have one very loud, constantly chattering in the loudest voice possible, constantly moving, never listening and did I say loud little boy blessing our lives every day. The only saving grace is that he goes home in the evening so our daughter & son-in-law can enjoy his exuberance. (Please excuse the bad grammer and misspellings. He just left and that just doesn't matter too much at this moment.) But...aren't they just the most amazing creatures? We're expecting a little brother for our boy. Hope he's the quiet sort! I'll pray for you!

    By the way, I love this wreath. Someday I'm going to get this set.


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