Monday, June 27, 2011

A Muse Hey, Man

One of the A Muse sets I bought was Hey, Man. Actually, the real title is Hey, Man! with an egregious exclamation point, but you all know how I feel about those. Marketers really should not do that. Only bloggers are allowed. And people commenting on blogs. Oh how I love when you're so happy you have to hold down the exclamation key!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, Hey, Man has this groovy television set in it. Not sure a guy card should have pearls on it, but hey, man, orange pearls work for you. Dude!!!!!!!!!!!

How-To Chatter: The sentiment is from an old, old, old Hero Arts set...I have a whole bunch this size that happen to fit perfectly into the tv screen. YEEE-Haaa! I colored this with markers and without shading because it's too small for my meager shading skills. The line was drawn with a pen and ruler. That's about it.
A few bits of news...

1. I'm going to post some SU stamp sets for sale soon. I'm also selling two stacks of assorted SU cardstock (about 90 sheets per stack) because I figured I'd have to live to be 250 years old to use up all that I have. Please buy them so I need not feel guilty about buying new stuff.

2. Stampin'Treasures is still open for business and has bunch of product--especially Hero Arts--on serious discount. Yes, I placed an order, and no, they are not paying me to promote their sale. I'm just telling you because I love you and can't help myself.

3. And for something entirely non-stamp golden retriever, who embodies the word enthusiasm in canine form, has to take doggy downers while she recovers from her knee surgery. Every time she starts to behave like her normal self (that is to say, when she starts behaving like Tigger...bouncy, jouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!), I have to push a pill down her throat. It's the saddest thing I've ever done. Well, that's not true. Saying goodbye to people is the saddest thing, saying goodbye to dogs is the second saddest, drugging my dog so she doesn't injure herself by being perky is the third saddest. PLUS, the recovery is really slow...three whole months. And at the end of three months, we get to do it all again on the other knee.

I feel like I'm taking her downers. Woe is the Daisy. Woe is me.

I'll shut up now. Thank you for listening.


  1. Susan, where do I go to purchase things from you?! I love SU! paper, so I may be the person to give your cardstock a good home... :)

  2. Susan,
    Just a suggestion, but Pill Pockets make pill-taking a treat for dogs. They come in chicken or beef flavor, dogs love them, and are available at most pet stores (Petsmart if you have one near you). It may make the experience more pleasant for you.

  3. That tv stamp is darling! I'm sorry it's upsetting you to give your dog medicine. The good thing, of course, is that in time, she'll recover. Let u's know more about the SU paper when you can.

  4. Oh sure, Susan, thanks a lot! I'm just sitting here, minding my own business, reading my favorite stamping blogs, and next thing I know, you've forced me to go to Stampin' Treasures and spend $36. What have I ever done to you?! haha! But I did tell them you sent me, so maybe they'll send you a goody.

    And I've got a cute little penguin coming my way, and some bling, and a 2-inch square shadow stamp and a 1.75-inch circle shadow stamp. Those will be a new adventure for me, but I can't wait to stamp them as a pale background and then stamp something on top of them--another thing you've inspired me to want to try!

    Hang in there with Daisy--poor sweetheart!

  5. If Mynette gets one stack of paper can I get the other?

    Poor Daisy. That's a long time to be getting drugged up...

    Love the bright orange on this card. And you can totally rock pearls on a guy card - especially coloured ones.

  6. Aww bless ya . . . hope your dog makes a speedy recovery.

    Hugs, Sandra

  7. Oh I feel your pain on the dog front Susan - like telling a child to shut up when he tells you he loves you. Wrong on every level.

    And I agree about !!!s on sentiment stamps too. But I suppose that's why markers were invented!

    Love your bright orange card.

  8. Great card, perfect for a man who loves his TV:0) Sad for Daisy, hope she heals quickly, painful for you too:{
    Sorry for such a late OWL response, I struggled with this one but am happy now.
    I'm off to check out this sale, I love Hero Arts stamps but they can sometimes really hurt with the S/H for international customers Thank you for the heads up though, Gay xxx

  9. This card just makes me smile! What a cute idea! And give Miss Daisy a hug for me...poor baby.

  10. Love this card and I would have never known those were pearls unless you had said something about it.

  11. Ooh, poor Daisy! and poor you. Do the downers make her eyes all droopy, too? That's always so sad-looking.
    Dude! Awesome card. I say the orange bling is like adding little remote buttons to your card. :D

  12. I LOVE!!! exclamation points!!! Truly, I am an overuser. How excited am I that I, too, have the Hero Arts set of which you speak?!!!!!! It was a good first sentiment set, for sure.


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