Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stress Reduction, Colored Card Bases, and Pursuit of Missing Photos

First up, my new favorite toy in my craft room:

A stress-reduction sound machine. My favorite setting right now is Ocean. I bought this beauty on Monday, when my children were driving me up the wall with their bickering and whining. Summer's not half-over, folks, and now I'm so much calmer after spending a half hour in my craft room drowning out the bickering and Pokemon battle noises with this lifesaver. If you need one, I highly recommend you run to Target and get one.

Today's cards are on colored card bases and use my new Mehndi Medallion set from Papertrey. What a very cool set. Yippy!!!! Or should I say, "Ohmmmm." Yeah, that works better, doesn't it?

The pink card above uses the large, medium, and small medallions, although there are a few extra-small ones in the set that I haven't used yet. The inks are Memento, and the papers are SU's pretty in pink and chocolate chip, with a random white popped on dimensionals. The sentiment is from Clear and Simple Stamps.

The baja breeze (SU ink and cardstock) card is cleaner than the first, using just the large medallion, and has a slightly smaller white panel. The sentiment is another from Clear and Simple Stamps.

Okay, the mystery of the missing photos deepens. A number of you have had problems, and a few have figured them out. Others are still as baffled as I am; certainly the feed shows normally for me in both Google Reader and in my email, so why in the world wouldn't it show normally for everyone? It's a mystery.

Here's what I've learned...any one of which or all of which or none of which might be true for you. The answer could be something completely different, which is entirely possible because I am VERY much out of my element with tech stuff.

1. Some email programs have security settings that block photos from downloading automatically. I use Windows Mail and I get a bar across the top of emails asking if I want to download pictures. I click the bar, and the photos appear. For other programs (or different settings in Windows Mail), if you right click on the photo box, a drop-down menu might appear offering you the option of downloading photos. If neither of these work, check your security settings to see if there's some other way to get photos. At least two people have fixed the problem this way.

2. Some of you just started experiencing problems in the past week or so. I assure you I am doing nothing differently, so the mystery thickens. One reader suggested using Edit mode to add photos to the post, so I added the sound machine photo in Compose Mode and the card photos in Edit Mode as a test. If you have been experiencing this problem, PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you can see any photos on this post and tell me which ones. If this is the problem, clearly there's a code difference in how they load, and perhaps there was a browser or Blogger or Feedburner change that's invisible to me but affects the way the photos show depending on the code.

I read all the code on the photos on this post (what the heck does it all mean?!?!), and it's definitely different depending on the mode in which the photo was loaded.

Thanks so much for all your patience and help in getting this problem solved.


  1. Hi Susan, love my sound machine :) I can see all your photos no problem at all, never knew there was one. I use Firefox, so could it be an internet explorer problem? Just a thought.

  2. Love those cards! I can see all of your photos, so I'm not much help. Good luck figuring it out.

  3. Susan, I can see your stress-reduction sound machine (what a great idea - heck, I haven't seen something like that here in Germany yet) and also your two lovely cards.

    As I already mentioned yesterday, I use Safari and have no problems.

    have a nice day,


  4. No viewing issues from this end :) Never have been either for what it's worth. Glad you have you own built in therapist now too ;) Kids last day was today so I have two months ahead of me - be glad you are half way done! Told my kids I hear the "I'm bored" comment before week three there were cleaning consequences - their rooms, sorting clothes, basement etc. Will see how well that works LOL! Great cards.

  5. I'm viewing using Internet Explorer and can see your photos too.

    Lovely cards and glad the HOmedics stress buster is working too


  6. Love both these cards, the pink one especially! x

  7. Still seeing all the photos, and I use Firefox too. Love your cards today

  8. Love this large medallion stamp! Photos are fine here.

  9. Love the sound of your machine, could use one over here in the UK ;)
    Sorry to say I have a viewing problem but only some posts(eg.19th & 23rd June. The pattern seems to be if there is one photo that's OK but if more there is one I can't view, some days are absolutely fine and I can see everything you post!?!!?
    I thought it was a problem this end so didn't mention it before. I am using Mozilla Thunderbird 3 and have no problems with other sources.
    BTW I love your cards - your usual beautiful CAS style.
    Chris M

  10. Beautiful cards and I have had no problem viewing them using IE. TFS

  11. Beautiful cards, Susan. We have exactly the same sound machine. But we use it in our bedroom as noise maker to block sound from the street. :)

  12. My grands have been using that sound machine here for naps and night for years and years, and I love that it masks any noise we outside of their room make. Worth its weight in gold. Bed, Bath & Beyond also carries them, and you can use those 20% off coupons. Now to the cards --- beautiful! So clean and colorful. Love that you used colored CS, and framed the white panel with chocolate. It made it really jump out. The medallion looks lovely partially stamped off the panel. I didn't consider this stamp when I saw it, but I might now.....

  13. Lovely medallion stamp - looks good in both pink and blue, Great simplicity.

  14. Update on missing pictures - with me, anyway. The first one (your new sound machine) wasn't there (I wonder if I should get one for the bedroom for when my husband is snoring), but your 2 wonderful card pics were.

  15. What different moods the two colours give, the hot pink is very zingy while the teal has such a calming effect. would never have thought that chocolate would work with both colours so well.
    Love the idea of the sound machine

  16. Color makes such a difference! Both are beautiful, love the pop of black.

    As for the red x problem...We all have different programs on our computers that sometimes aren't compatible with each other. On my computer there is a little icon at the right of the IE address bar on the top of the screen that looks like a broken's called Compatibility View. Clicking on it usually fixes any issues with pics and page loading. Maybe pass this tip on to your readers and see if it helps.

  17. Beautiful cards , love that large medallion. No problem for me seeing your photos. Enjoy the stress relief, oh dear, I can just imagine what it's like, I too had boys :0) Gay xxx

  18. Wow, I love both these cards! btw, no photo problems for me. Other random Blogger problems, yes, but not that particular one.

  19. The medallion cards are just gorgeous - I do like the pink one!!

    No red crosses for me - all okay. Hope it gets sorted!


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