Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting Punchy for Mom

Mother's Day is right around the corner. How did that happen?

I punched my way to this card using Marvy punches. I love the layered punch look, and using a monochromatic color scheme keeps the whole card visually simple.

Mom's favorite color is blue. She loves flowers. And sparkle. I think she'll love this card, too.

The strip of glitter is simply a strip of ScorTape with glitter poured on it. So easy, but it grounds the flowers and keeps them from just floating on the card.

My mom doesn't read this blog so her card will be a surprise. She's a real artist, and if she wants a mouse image, she draws or paints a mouse. And it looks like a mouse.

She kept that gene for herself. When I draw mice, they don't look like mice. Moose, maybe. Or moles. Drawn by a very nearsighted elephant with a pen in her trunk.

And that's why I punch and stamp my art.

Why do you punch and stamp your art?

stamps: Hero Arts
ink: Memento
paper: PTI white, SU ballet blue, bashful blue
accessories: punches, glue pen, glitter, ScorTape


  1. I also punch and stamp because I cannot draw. I truly admire people like your mom. Your card is beautiful. I love your color scheme and how you grounded the flowers.

  2. I totally agree with you: I stamp because I cannot draw. Stamping helps me think I'm being a little bit artistic anyway.

  3. Same reason as you! But just realized the violence of 'stamping' and 'punching' - maybe it helps us get some frustration out? lol!

  4. I punch and stamp my art because it's my only way of being artfully creative. I can cook, I can clean, I can chauffeur with the best of them. But draw? I don't think so. Stamps allow me to make a greeting that someone opens and says "How pretty!" and there's no other way I can accomplish that. Your mom will love your card.

  5. What a lovely card!

    I punch and stamp, because it is so much faster. When I was younger I would draw more, but I think very few people would appreciate a card like that. Most of my friends are amazed by what can be done with stamps etc, so it's all good:)


    P.S. I think of you as a real artist!

  6. Oh my! I stamp because my Mom is a GREAT artist - I grew up with am alligator drawn on our bathroom wall because she couldn't decide what to put on the wall.
    Yet, every card I send her gets rave reviews - makes me so happy


  7. stamping and punching releases the artist inside me who is frustrated by their inability to actually draw! I was always good at the colouring in bit, but the drawing completely passed me by :-(

  8. I stamp for the same reason you do - I cannot draw a thing! But the other reason is that I love to colour - as I child I would spend hours with colouring books, paints, and pencil crayons. So stamping gives me an image to colour in (though I don't always colour in my images anymore!).

    Blue is my favourite colour too - especially blue with white. I love your card! The strip of glitter is fabulous.

  9. I used to draw quite a bit from junior high through college and actually pleasantly surprised myself with the end results since there were no other artists in my family, but I didn't continue with it. Career, busy life, etc. all got in the way. Then, life slowed down suddenly and I wanted a hobby. I actually had no idea that stamping was such a big thing until I happened to pick up a book on making cards at my local JoAnns store. I used to sew a lot so was only there for some thread or something of the sort for a hem since that's about all I sew anymore. I had never even walked through the scrapbooking section since their books are in the front of the store. It was nearly Valentine's Day so I bought a heart punch, a rubber stamp and some patterned paper and cardstock and made my first cards. From there, I joined several Yahoo groups on the subject and then I found out about blogs and realized what a huge stamping community there is out there. So, I stamp and punch and die cut because I enjoy being creative without stressing myself out! Sometimes I wish I could draw exactly the image I really want, but there are so many wonderful stamps that I could never make all the cards that would use just the ones I already own let alone all the others that are available. I hope to get into coloring more. I enjoy the coloring and sponging and that, along with various other techniques makes me feel artistic enough. None of my friends or family who receive my cards do any crafting, so they all think I'm extremely talented to be able to make the professional looking cards that I make. We really have them fooled, don't we?! LOL! So, anyway, that's enough artistic ability to keep me happy for now.

  10. I like to punch because it is a great way to add color without coloring.

  11. 'Cuz it's fun! And I love color!

  12. I love to draw, and I use my flower drawings on cards sometimes. I also love making cards with punches, playing with colors and shapes together. It's different from drawing, but just as happy and creative for me.

  13. Because I used to be a Creative Memories consultant and had quite a few punches for scrapbooking. I discovered what great cards people were making and get SO much inspiration from you, Susan.

  14. I stamp because my elephant is not just nearsighted; he's blind.

    And you are a real artist: with words.


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