Tuesday, April 21, 2015

When OCD Does NOT Work: A Before and After Post

While still playing around with the idea of running large stamps off the edge of cards (see yesterday's post), I tried to make a card with the largest butterfly in Papertrey's Beautiful Butterflies set, all lined up on the edge. Sadly, this card absolutely doesn't work for me.

Sometimes, OCD layouts don't work. Do NOT do this
to butterflies. 

The generic layout is fine, and the colors are positively yummy, but butterflies just don't line up like that. Ever. Okay, maybe pinned up in display cases, but seriously, do you want your card to evoke dusty nature-museum collections of dead butterflies? Surely not.

No, you want those butterflies flitting about, alive and well and oh so natural.

Yep. That's much better.

Fly, little butterflies! Fly free!

And in a lovely visual triangle. Yay!

This post is brought to you by the design concept formerly known as Unity but now called Don't Pin Down the Butterflies!

stamps: Papertrey Beautiful Butterflies, Happy Trails (sentiment on first card)
paper: Papertrey white
ink: Impress Fresh ink, VersaMagic, Memento Luxe
accessories: corner rounder


  1. Thank you for making me giggle while reinforcing that my OCD tendencies are not mine along. Oh yeah...and thanks so much for all the beautiful, wonderful instruction!

  2. You called it perfectly - they need to be free! Much better movement in the second card! And you made me giggle! Great colours, though!

  3. Yes I have to agree with that one. Much better, love your second card.

  4. One advantage of seeing both cards it that the butterflies on the second card seemed to really move. It's amazing what positioning can do.

  5. I am glad you made the second one, It is much better!

  6. Your cards are wonderfl! I had the hard task of making a sympathy card last week, and one of your cards I saw on Pinterest gave me the inspiration and direction I needed at the time. Thank you so much! http://www.valbydesign.com/with-prayers-sympathy-lawn-fawn/

  7. Lovely "after" card. Thanks for the two examples!

  8. I love both of these cards. The first one didn't remind be of a dusty museum display, rather it look as if they're peering around the corner after one of them said, "Hey, have a look at this!" I love the colours on both of them and the movement on the second one. And your stamping is always so perfect, something I can only aspire to! Hugs xx


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