Thursday, July 16, 2015

A New Use for Washi Tape, Thanks to Sharon Schuman

While perusing the latest issue of Stampington and Company's The Stampers' Sampler, I came across an idea that rocked my world, courtesy of Sharon Schuman. She taped three ATCs together with washi tape to create a triptych, and I thought, "My gosh! This will work for a standard card, too!!!!"

And so it does!

How it will be folded to go into the envelope


I LOVE this format! With three panels of 5.5" x 4.25", there's room to spread out. That means larger stamp images don't feel crowded to me...with lots of extra white space. YAY!

Now, I have to admit that this isn't washi tape. I'm having a hard time finding white washi, and for this particular design, a color would not look as good as it does on the card design I'll share tomorrow. So I searched my medicine cabinet, found paper tape for dressing wounds, and used that instead.

Feel free to call me genius. I won't mind.

This is so exciting for me!!! I had an email conversation recently with another stamper (Hi, Gay!) about how easy it is to get a bit bored doing CAS cards. Discovering a great idea like Sharon's with the ATCs and adapting it to my style is like a shot of adrenalin.  Expect to see more of this fun idea in the days to come!

To make this card, I stamped the three panels and then lined them up on my cutting mat with a smidge of space between each. (You need a smidge of space for the hinge of tape to work right.) Then, I carefully taped the two front seams, flipped the whole thing over, taped the back seams, and then trimmed the excess tape from the top and bottom edges with scissors.

BTW, I would like to link to Sharon's blog but couldn't find it. If anyone knows her, please send me a link. I'd love to send traffic her way! Here's a shot of one of her foldable ATC cards from the magazine. So beautifully artsy, yet also CAS.

stamps: Papertrey Holly and Mistletoe
ink: Impress Fresh Ink mojito, VersaMagic rocket red
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: paper tape from the first aid kit


  1. You're a genius! :) Love the card!

  2. Brilliant! Clever finding that tape too - thought it was too wide to be washi.

  3. What a brilliant idea - and a stunning card!

  4. You can get white washi tape from here with free international shipping

  5. Clever! And a gorgeous card, too!

  6. Yeah, in my vast collection of washi tape, there's maybe one roll of skinny white. At $3+ per roll, you'll be hard-pressed to come up with an order large enough for free shipping. Well,unless one of us has a weak moment and places an order ... or something ... and we'll add in some white for you. :)

    I'll start haunting the tape aisles to see what I can find. Otherwise, you could change color (!) and do something not white. Maybe gold or silver?

    Meanwhile the medical tape works. Oh, did I forget to mention how GENIUS this was? And I might be a bit jealous you have designed your holiday card. Pffth.

  7. Wonderful idea! Thank you for passing it on (and thanks to Sharon!) This is a great way to spread out the designs. :)


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