Sunday, July 5, 2015

With or Without Bling?

Wow. This long holiday weekend kicked my butt. I've been sick. No stamping. No fireworks...I slept through them. I think I'm coming out of it and starting to feel better, but don't be surprised if posting is spotty this week.

Today's card was made last week, and it's deceptively simple. I think there's a lot going on, but the design itself is so straightforward.

The border was made with a Martha Stewart pine bough border punch, and the oval was cut using an old Creative Memories oval cutter system. It fits the Papertrey stamp perfectly!

The border was just too subtle all by its lonesome, so I added a few rows of silver twine wrapped around it. These really give some definition to the border and unify the design by connecting with the silver ink and border on the oval.

I really liked this soft and simple card, but it definitely lacks color. While I contemplated various ways to add color to the design, these strips of green bling practically jumped onto the card.

I'm agnostic on whether or not the green bling improves the card. I like the card equally with and without. I'm interested to hear what you think.

Techique Tip: While I could have layered the oval with silver paper for a mat (the CM cutter system makes that fairly easy), I drew the silver border on with a metallic Prismacolor broad-tip marker. This takes a steady hand, but it works. Just set the broad tip at an angle against the edge of the shape, and slide it around. If you get too little in one place, you can go back over it. After the card was finished, I wished I'd tried to draw a silver border rather than use the twine, and perhaps I'll try that on a later card.

So many ideas, so little time.

Here's hoping you had a safe, healthy Independence Day weekend.

stamps: Papertrey
ink: Brilliance silver
paper: Neenah Solar white in 80# and 110#
accessories: CM oval cutter tools, Martha Stewart border punch, silver twine, silver Prismacolor marker, dimensionals, rhinestones


  1. Ooooh first comment, does that mean mine is the most important??? Of course it is :) actually having studied both cards for a considerable time I feel more drawn to the first one without the green bling. But of course that is just me, I think you will get as many like as not. I like the starkness and the sliver gives nice contrast. I like the silver twine as well so I wouldnt change that.
    Health wise I hope your better soon. I'm into my 3rd week with the flu and cant believe howmuch it has knocked me around. Not a card designed or an image coloured in the last week, just feeling very sorry for myself with my daughter, Elysha echoing me in the next room. Amazing you get a cough and suddenly the males in the house all back up, wont share their food and dont want a kiss goodnight or goodbye. Typical :)

  2. I'm with Aileen. Although I'd be proud to send either card, I personally like the first one better. And I too like the texture that the twine adds to the card.
    Hope you're much better soon. The older we get the more this kind of stuff kicks butt!

  3. beautiful!! Prefer the first one, but they are both beautiful. Sorry you were sick!!!

  4. Sure hope you feel better this week. Being sick is no fun, especially on a holiday weekend. Both cards are beautiful, Susan! I must admit that I like #1 best. Egads! Did I just say that?

  5. Like them both, but since I am a fan of "extreme" clean and simple, prefer the one without gren.

  6. The first one is my favorite, the white and silver don't need an extra color in my opinion. Together they work just fine! Hope you feel better soon.

  7. I'm going to go with the white and silver. Gives the card a look of elegance.

  8. They are both beautiful, but I like the bling better.

  9. I too prefer the first card, but lovely cards...both of them.

  10. gorgeous...I do love the first one!! The silver is so rich and classic looking.
    hugs mf.

  11. I would opt for the twine, and a silver layer. My hands are not steady enough to manually add an edge to anything, even with a straight edge.

    I hope you are felling better!

  12. I love the first one with just silver and white, even though I am a big fan of the color green. Kudos to you for adding the marker edge to the oval. I know attempting that border would take more than one try by me.

  13. I thought the first card was lovely, until I saw the second one! The green bling sings.


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