Thursday, July 30, 2015

Another Triptych Card...and a Tip for Heat Embossing

Remember my triptych cards inspired by Sharon Schuman? Well, here's another one:

Folded size: standard 5.5" x 4.25"

The washi and embossing are gold, and that monochromatic scheme really unifies this card. To put it in the card, I'll zig-zag fold it with the angel on top.

Problems with Warped Paper from a Heat Gun?
Have you ever noticed how heat embossing tends to warp the paper. You might imagine the effect his has on my mildly obsessive mind. When I finished making this card, it was all buckled and warped from the heat gun, which made adding the tape difficult. Ugh. So I put waxed paper between the folds (to keep the gold embossing from sticking...although I don't know that it would stick...better safe than sorry!) and put the card and waxed paper between two squares of plywood. Two five-pound dumb-bells went on top, and then, honestly, I forgot about it until today, when I noticed the cheapo press in the corner of my craft nook. The card is now flat and perfect.

Next time, I'll press the panels before putting on the tape. That will be MUCH easier!

stamps: PSX angel and joy sentiment; Papertrey Keep It Simple Merry Christmas
ink: VersaMark
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: extra-fine gold embossing powder, heat gun, gold washi tape, plywood-and-dumb-bell press


  1. I use a big old dictionary to press my warped cards. I place it between the pages at the back of the book, then make sure to put the back side on the counter so all the weight is on top of the card. Have never had any ink transfer from the book to the cardstock Love the card by the way :)
    Lu C

    1. I like big books and I cannot lie...and here's another reason to like them! Thanks, Lu C!!!

  2. Another trick I read somewhere was to heat gun the back of the paper (behind the embossed section). I have used this technique successfully on heavy water color paper that warped as well. Enjoying your triptych series -this one is my favorite!

    1. Dena, I've never been able to get that trick to work for me. I must not be patient enough!


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