Saturday, July 11, 2015

Presenting...Humble Deco Scissors

For those of us doing the Use-Your-Hoard Challenge, old and out-of-style tools and supplies need to be dusted off and used. For today's post, we're taking a fresh look at a pair of humble (and very old) deco scissors.

Back in the day, deco scissors used to be all the rage and a necessity for every paper crafter's hoard. These days, you hardly see them used at all. We have border punches, dies, and electronic cutting machines to give us decorative edges. Who needs the old scissors? I mean, they're plastic, cheap, and sometimes hard to line up properly.

Well, those of us who don't have die cut machines and electronic cutters have to use what we can to get those edges looking cool.

During a purge a few years ago, I kept only about five of the ten or so scissors I'd collected: the stamp edge, deckle edge, mini and regular scallop edge, and these wavy ones. The stamp-edge pair made these cards possible, and the regular scallop scissors are handy for giving corners a very slight rounding.

The wavy ones are perfect for ocean-themed cards like this one. Duh.

The Clearly Besotted set Whale Done is adorable and punny and so easy to work with. And the deco scissors work much better than the Fiskars ocean wave border punch I have. That punch makes pretty waves, but they are a bit too curvy and busy looking to be paired with this clean-and-simple whale. Believe me. I tried.

But the old-fashioned and super simple wavy scissors worked perfectly.

They're a keeper, for sure!

stamps: Clearly Besotted Whale Done, unknown sun
paper: Papertrey light blue, white
ink: Memento Luxe
accessories: Stickles, dimensionals, wavy deco scissors


  1. Oh my, thanks for this, I have quite a few of those scissors and keep going to throw them out, and never do as "the might come in handy one need day"

    Just need to get a 'fishy' stamp now!

  2. Cute card! I threw out my old deco scissors and then my daughters were given a gigantic set, so they're back in my house, lol!

  3. I can't afford all them fancy die cuts so I still have and use my large supply of deco scissors.
    Those of you who no longer use your scissors, instead of throwing them away, donate them to an organization; Girl scouts or other organizations in your area. Best to donate than having them in the land fill.

  4. I finally sold my set of 15 deco scissors. I found I couldn't get them to cut anything thicker than paper ... card stock was a no-go. Probably just me.

    I do love how you rock the old-school tools!

  5. Oh, that is soooo cute! I think I have a whale, and I know I have scissors that are collecting dust. I should pull them out and make some baby cards for my box.


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