Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I Got Happy Mail!!!!

Some days, you go to the mailbox and it's full of bills, catalogs, credit card applications, coupons you don't need, and a bunch of wasps.

Okay, maybe that last one is just me. We've really had a wasp problem this year, and after about 50 nests were taken off our house, the little stingers moved into the mailbox. I know they are God's creatures, but they don't belong in my mailbox. Spiders in my craft nook and wasps in my mailbox. Two more words for you: chemical warfare.

Anyway, yesterday, I got the happiest mail I've received in a quite a while. The package came on just the perfect day to give me a much-needed boost, and it came all the way from the Netherlands!


I just had to share Brechtje's beautiful package with you. First up, she sent a lovely thank-you crisp and clean and pretty!


In the card, she also explained that she's started making her own paper and is incorporating really cool napkins into the paper for artwork. She gifted me with a set of four cards made from her handmade paper! These blew. my. mind. So incredibly tactile and beautiful!!! The soft texture, the gorgeous rough deckled edges, and the bright colors make my CAS-lovin' heart go pitter-patter!

I wish you could feel the edges of this paper. Oh, my!

The colors glow, don't they?

In this photo, you can really see the texture of the paper.

These boxes almost look embroidered. So cool!

The drop shadow on the leaves adds dimension.


Brechtje included blue tulips to honor her home town of Delft.

So pretty!

All this goodness was enclosed in a fabulous envelope made of what feels
like wallpaper, stitched on two sides and sealed with washi tape.
*happy sigh*

Thank you so much, Brechtje. So much!!

The thoughtfulness of Brechtje's words and the beauty of her art touched me and inspired me. I hope they inspired you, too!


  1. Wow. Beautifully stamped, and the paper is amazing. Thanks for sharing your happy mail!

  2. Very cool and I hope you can finally get the Bugs out of your life! I got Dutchman from The Netherlands as a husband, so I am lucky too. We've now been married for 14 years!

  3. I made paper years ago. In fact, I still have the supplies. Maybe when I retire, I can try this again. It was fun! A bit messy...but fun!

  4. Wow! Very beautiful, very inspirational and very generous.

  5. Hi Susan,

    I'm so glad you like the cards! My way of saying thank you, because I really really really do enjoy your writing (and stamping ofcourse)!

    ps: this is the first time I used my washi tape... ever! :)


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