Sunday, January 10, 2016

Design Process: Evolution of an Idea from Meh to Better to Best

Slowly but surely, my crafty mojo is returning. I'm probably making one card in four that's blog-worthy, but that's better than the 1-in-10 of last week. The process works, so today's post walks you through some of my process at work.

Let's start off with a meh card. I pulled out Mendhi Medallions from PTI and decided to make a thank-you card with a happy color for the medallion and strong black for the sentiment. Nothing else.

Meh. Not bad, not good. Just meh.

This card is fine, but there are a few design quibbles. First, the sentiment is the focal point, but its placement is sort of off...not really a strong position for the eye to feel comfortable. It's not in a sweet spot and doesn't obey the law of thirds. Second, the vertical orientation feels wrong and creates a rather top-heavy design. Third, it's just rather dull. I do like that the font of the sentiment is heavy enough to cut through the busy medallion design and to be very read-able, but overlaying it resulted in a cramped feel to the whole card, which is weird given all that glorious white space.

So I found some strips of card stock in my scrap drawer, chose a horizontal arrangement, and felt much better about the whole idea.


This layout provides a much more pleasing design. There's room to breathe (plenty of room!) but the raised panel, with its clearly defined space, works well. The center of the medallion is top left, the sentiment is bottom right, and the asymmetry is ever so appealing. The design pleased me enough that I made two more cards in different colors.

There's still something missing, however. The design is solid, but it's begging for a little detail to take it from better to best.


Oh, yeah.

Just a little, tiny bit of bling.

Nailed it! The center of the medallion was just a bit too undefined, and that small rhinestone carries a LOT of weight, doesn't it?

And that's how I got three cards that make me really happy!

stamps: Papertrey Mendhi Medallions, Gina K thank you, Hero Arts thanks
ink: Hero Arts butter bar, fresh peach; Ancient Page henna; Memento Luxe black
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: craft foam, glue, rhinestones, Bic/Sharpie/Copic markers to color rhinestones to match the inks


  1. Love the bling, but I can't handle all the white up top!! I'm not saying that it doesn't look good, I just mentally cannot do it!!

  2. Gorgeous cards, I love the first vertical one too :)

  3. Maybe the first vertical one is also just missing that one tiny piece of bling Susan :)

  4. I appreciate you sharing your process. The bling completes it beautifully. I'm so glad to have you back--so to speak.

  5. I'm not a big "bling" person when I make my cards, but you are absolutely right. The bling made each card perfect!

  6. I really like the top card! Mind you, the bling-accented ones are pretty too!

  7. I really like the top card! Mind you, the bling-accented ones are pretty too!


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