Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Kid Cards, Correctness, and Y Chromosomes

For those of us whose inner children were mistreated, making kid cards can be tough. Really tough. Over the years, I've tried to let go and keep them fun and loose, but seriously, people. loose isn't me.

Today's card uses a simple little background stamp and a sentiment from Endless Birthday Wishes, a set from Stampin'Up!

A Stampin'Up! demo chastised me for not using the proper spelling of the company name, with the apostrophe and the egregious, deeply annoying exclamation point. I'm torn between a desire to only ever for the rest of my life use the abbreviation SU (with no egregious enthusiasm) and an editor's abiding desire to be correct.

Oh, how conflicted we first-world citizens can be!

Anyway, here's a kid card for my nephew, who is six going on three.

My mother and I were talking on the phone last week when my nephews and niece had a snow day (they live in Maryland). Mom, who lives with my sister and her family, was talking to me about something and then yelled, "Pull your pants up!" I glanced down and realized her comment wasn't directed at me because my pants were up. Because I am an adult, mid-day, talking on the phone with my mother. Then Mom told me, in a shocked voice, "He pulled down his pants and rubbed is bottom in the dog's face! Can you believe it?"

My poor mom raised two girls, and now she has four grandsons. Yes, Mom, I can believe it.

Oh, the Y chromosomes!

The card, by the way, uses the Kaleidacolor Caribbean Sea pad, which has such fun and tropical greens and blues. Of all the Kaleidacolor pads, I'd say it's my favorite. The sentiment is stamped with Memento Luxe tuxedo black for maximum opacity and pop.

stamps: Stampin'Up! (SU) Endless Birthday Wishes
ink: Kaleidacolor Caribbean Sea
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: craft foam, glue


  1. Love the simplicity of your card, and the story had me laughing......I raised two it's 4 girls and one boy for Grandkids.....the stories I could tell your Mom..*grin*

    1. LOL! She's learning all about boys. My youngest nephew is educating her first hand!

  2. Yep, Love the "simplicity" of this card!

  3. we never really grow up around our parents. My grandmother (95) still tell my mother ( almost 60) to dress warm :)

    1. I can hear her saying that, and I don't even know her! Ah, once an mother, always a mother.

  4. SU drives me nuts with all their "rules"...I won't even buy their stamps unless I absolutely "have to". are absolutely correct...never growing up around our parents! And I think, usually, that's a good thing. I find myself in a difficult place right now and sure could use some "mother/child nuturing" from my mom who's been gone for many years.

    1. I get why they want their name to be used properly, really. Branding is important for any product, and the demo wasn't out of line to say something, nor was she in any way rude about it. In forums like SCS or comments here, SU is (I think) perfectly appropriate, but the editor in me thinks I've gotten a bit sloppy with the SU abbreviation for a blog. I don't, after all, abbreviate Papertrey to PTI. Consistency is good.

      When we've had a good relationship with our mothers, I think losing them is so very hard. I hope your difficult place improves soon, Marilyn, and some friend or family member can give you a little mothering.

  5. Love the cheerful dots, and like others appreciated the story. I raised three boys, and have two grandsons. They have so much energy and often without filters on behavior/speech. Regarding abbreviations, they can be challenging for people new to the blogs. I wondered for a long time about the meaning of PTI, SCS, and MFT.


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