Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Process of Getting my Groove Back


Getting your groove back after a few months' absence from stamping turns out to be a weird process, not at all like getting back on a bicycle. Part of me knew this, but I really wasn't prepared for all the pretty trash I've made in the past few days.

Pretty trash. That's a phrase I learned from my friend Leslie. I'll bet she's got an awesome craft room in heaven.

Still, it feels good to be back in my earth-bound craft space, even if I'm clumsy and intimidated and feeling deeply, broadly overwhelmed by my supplies. It's hard to know where to start. The OLS Challenge gave me a place to begin for yesterday's post, and I've been feeling my way from there.

Results are mixed, and much of what I've made isn't blog-worthy. Smudges in particular don't fly with my clean and simple style. After a particularly frustrating smudge ruined a lovely, almost finished card, I made a card with three layers, inking, distressing, torn paper, and a kraft base just to shake the messies out. It's a hideous card, truly, but grinding that stipple brush into the paper was utterly satisfying.

I have faith in the process.

Trust the process.

Yep. The process is good.

I want to thank all of you who've sent emails and left comments of support in the past few months. It's uplifting and so very kind of you. Thanks also for the Christmas cards, which I will photograph and post in the next week or so. Patti M sent me some beautiful Christmas ornaments made from slices of tree branches, and Marty sent a lovely paper ornament. Y'all are so talented!!!

Today's card is for all of you who've prayed for me and mine, and for Leslie's family and friends. The card uses an old pine branch stamp from a company that went out of business over a decade ago and a relatively new sentiment from Waltzingmouse. Old and new. Appropriate for a new year, eh?

The stamp community is amazing, and I am so grateful to be a part of it. Blessings and comfort to each of you as we start a new year together!

stamps: branch (F-2384 PSX, 1999), sentiment (Waltzingmouse, Blessed by You)
ink: Hero Arts soft olive, Memento rich cocoa
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: copper metallic pen, craft foam


  1. It's all about the process really. We craft because we love doing it - the end results, when they are something we are proud of, are an added bonus. It's the process that is so therapeutic, that sends our imagination off at different angles, that is often so absorbing it takes our mind off everything else.

    1. I want to get back to that comfort with the process. Ordinarily, it's very therapeutic for me, too, but the awkwardness right now is just temporary. I'll get there!

      Happy new year, Jane!

  2. Lovely card! I really like the images, the colors and your card design. They're all so perfect for the thought you are sending.

  3. Beautiful card.
    Yes it is all about the process......sometimes being out of your "comfort" zone can be a healing process of it's own.

    I also agree about how difficult getting "back into" the crafting/stamping zone can be. Overwhelming....yes!....making tons of mistakes....yes!....being alone....NO! I went through the same thing, and coming back wasn't AT ALL like riding a bike.....LOL

    1. Yes, I'm definitely not alone in this. Breaks can be good...but hard to come back from! Thanks, Krisha.


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