Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tim Holtz Deco Sheets: A Review

I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking, "Lateblossom and Tim Holtz? Nawwwww!!!"

But seriously. I saw the package of Deco Sheets at Michael's the other day and reached for it without thinking. When I read there were 8 sheets of shimmery, glittery adhesive-backed goodness in the package, I also realized they couldn't possibly be very thick...which is an improvement on the heavy glitter card stock that broke my holly punch a few years back. Perhaps, just perhaps, the Deco Sheets would be the Goldilocks of glitter paper: not too thick, not too thin, but just right.


My initial card uses a punch that also caught my eye at Michael's...a Fiskars layered petal punch that annoyed me immediately by not punching through heavy Papertrey Ink white card stock. Ugh. But it went like butter through the Deco Sheets.

My mad photography skilz don't do justice to the shimmer of this beautiful paper, but the close-up comes close.

Here's what I noticed about the Deco Sheets:

1. The actual sticker is very thin, so you're not adding bulk to a card at all.

2. The adhesive sticks well after being pressed, but if you set the sticker down in the wrong place by accident, it WILL come up without damaging the paper. At least it did for me.

3. My worries that the backing would be hard to remove were unfounded. Peeling the backing sheet off was much easier than I expected. A few petals required several attempts, but my limited patience was not tested at all.

4. The paper isn't slick like some of the stickers I've purchased in the past; it has a fine texture. But it also doesn't seem to shed glitter like the glitter card stock I have. The glitter appears to be extremely fine and sparkles A LOT.


Now, the Fiskars punch was relatively smooth and simple, but it got me thinking. Would the Deco Sheets work as well with a really detailed punch a snowflake?

No worries. The Deco Sheets behaved admirably, even with this detailed snowflake, and the backing was still relatively easy to pull off.

So, if you've been looking for an easy, mess-free way to add glittery punched or die-cut shapes to your cards, Tim Holtz Deco Sheets might just be what you're looking for.

Full Disclosure: Because there's some internet law thingie, it behooves me to tell you that Tim Holtz did NOT pay me to say this. I stumbled across the product in Michael's and decided to give it a try, paying for it myself (without even a coupon!). I am not now--nor have I ever--taken money from Tim Holtz or from whatever company he works for or from Michael's to hawk wares. I simply like the Deco Sheets and thought I'd share!

stamps: Clear and Simple thank you, Clearly Besotted best wishes
ink: Memento Luxe gray flannel, black
paper: Papertrey White
accessories: Tim Holtz Deco Sheets, Fiskars punch, Martha Stewart punch


  1. So pretty! I love your disclaimer, it gave me a chuckle! :)

  2. cute cards. that paper looks great. not sure what internet law you are referencing. we only have to disclose when compensated, correct?

    1. Sarcastic legal reference, not for literal consumption. ;-)

      I just wanted to make crystal clear that I wasn't being paid for this. I've had people make comments that I get preferential treatment from stamp companies (not true) because this here blog is sorta popular (hard to believe, I know). When I review anything, it's because I feel strongly it's a good product and want to share my joy.

      BUT I think you, Madam Lawyer, are correct...
      disclosure is only required when there's free product or compensation. That's my understanding anyway.

  3. Very cool! I have that same snowflake punch, so I might get some of this paper for next winter. Thank you for testing it :)

  4. Very cool! I have that same snowflake punch, so I might get some of this paper for next winter. Thank you for testing it :)

  5. Wow, the cards looks awesome. Thanks for the review (and the disclaimer :) )

  6. hi, it doesn't leve loose glitter,because there is no glitter, it is in the structure of the papaer itself. And another good thing: decosheets can be colored with alcohol inks! It sort of stains the background but leaves the glitter visible. You can work f.i. with one colour on a punched figure, but you can also use many colours on one sheet and punch out that part with the beautifull mix of colours from the alcohol inks :)

    1. Thanks, Cecile. I had no idea. And what a great idea with the alcohol inks! Must try that.

  7. Lovely little precious ..... I love the sparkle and how it looks on your cards. May have to try this myself.

  8. I love sparkle; especially with snowflakes. And it is indeed tough to find a great paper for that. I can't wait to look for this at Michael's.

  9. I discovered Deco sheets a few months ago, used the sheets for Christmas cards, then bought many more packets to give as gifts to my crafting friends and family. I love Deco sheets!


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