Monday, January 4, 2016

My SIL Is the BEST!

Check out this beautiful box my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas.

Now, check out what is in the box.

I'm totally geeking out!!!! This gorgeous box contains sealing wax and seals, some yummy colors of ink, a glass dip pen, two pen handles and three beautiful nibs. Oh, be still, my writerly heart! I'm going to use this goodness to write my Christmas thank-you notes tomorrow night.

No card today, though. I've photographed all the Christmas cards I received and will share those tomorrow once the photos are edited.

Then, Wednesday night, I'm going to post a REVIEW of a new-to-me product from TIM HOLTZ that I'm completely in love with.

Who doesn't love a good review?

Have you written your thank-you notes for Christmas yet? I feel like I'm seriously running late, but some of my family hasn't sent our gifts yet, so I'm not the only one, LOL!!!


  1. Yes! I've started sending out thank you cards and am so sorry I didn't get your holiday card out yet! I promise to get it out soon! I am crazy into dip pen calligraphy this year so let me know if you need any help getting started! I loved looking at the box of goodness you pulled out and can't wait to see what you do with it all!

    (girlgeek101 on SCS)

    1. Audrie, your fun with dip pens got me thinking about returning to it after MANY years' absence. I imagine my early efforts this time around will be a mess, but hopefully, it will come back to me!

  2. WOW! great SIL indeed! What a treasure.
    Thank Yous are made, but still sitting on my desk....:(((

  3. What a scrumptious present! It almost looks too good to use. But seriously, enjoy the heck out it.

  4. Somebody aced the Thoughtful Giving 101 class!

    1. Yes, she did. She's also the one who gave me a $100 gift card to Papertrey for my birthday. Oh, yeah.


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