Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wild Speculation and Big Wishes

It may or may not have come up on this blog that "someone" has a bit of a passion for coffee.

So "someone" made this card to give to her sister who shares the passion for coffee and also has a thing for the color brown.

Seriously, as a child, my sister felt sorry for the color brown because no one liked it, so she claimed it as her favorite color.

I love my sister.

Anyway, this was a fun card to make. The sleeve on the cup was stamped on a scrap and glued down because I ruined two pieces of paper trying to stamp it directly on the cup.

I do not love two-step stamping. This "not love" will be the source of a future rant post. For now, I'm too tired to muster the righteous indignation necessary to do it justice.

As for the card, it displays the Kaleidacolor Cappuccino pad in shades of brown. Brown: it's not just for autumn anymore.

In eight hours I will have a coffee cup in my hand. That really is the only certainty about tomorrow. Everything else is just wild speculation. Apparently, Ms. Hoffman and I lead parallel lives or something.

Good night.

stamps: Papertrey (cup), CAS-ual Friday (sentiment)
ink: Kaleidacolor cappuccino
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: clear rhinestone hearts, Copic marker, craft foam, glue


  1. How sweet of your sister to give brown some love. I used to avoid multi-step stamps until I got a MISTI, now I seek them out. They can make lovely one layer cards and the stamping tool prevents me from tearing my hair out over mistakes.

  2. Love your fabulous card - beautiful design and wonderful colors! I agree with Carol that MISTI makes stamping multi-step stamps so much easier :)

  3. I feel sorry for brown also ... it can be hard to love. However I will NEVER feel that sorry for it that I would say its my favorite. Your sister is very kind and you are even kinder to make something for her that makes brown look so beautiful :)


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