Thursday, August 11, 2016


Tuesday morning, I had an MRI and was reminded why people have nightmares about waking up in coffins. Thankfully not suffering from claustrophobia, I still felt weird trapped in the loud and cramped machine for 25 minutes.

Deep breathing, however, made 25 minutes feel more like ten minutes. It's a relaxation technique that I learned last winter, and if you've never practiced it, I highly recommend it. I didn't twitch, cough, itch, or otherwise screw up the scan. Yay, me! (And the MRI was for nothing serious, so no worries.)

Speaking of breathing, when we were in Hawaii a few years ago, we took a dolphin cruise that included a stop to snorkel over a gorgeous reef. During the safety briefing, the captain said that he'd been asked how people can breathe under the water, and his response was, "You can't." He's right. That's why the sentiment on today's card has its "head" sticking up out of the water.

Raised panel is 2" x 3.25"

To make these waves, I used a new ink pad (Ranger Archival aquamarine) that I truly love (will be buying more Ranger Archival ink pads!) combined with Hero Arts soft pool. The stamp is an old, old, old Hero Arts swish shadow stamp.

We're all floating around in the ocean of life, keeping our heads above the waves and breathing deeply of wonderful air. So remember to breathe...and to be grateful for those deep, relaxing, cleansing breaths that get us through awkward situations.

stamps: Hero Arts (shadow), Simon Says Stamp One with Nature (sentiment)
ink: Hero Arts soft pool, Ranger Archival aquamarine, Memento Luxe black
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: craft foam, glue


  1. Hopefully the MRI wasn't for something serious!! I love that swoosh stamp!

  2. I absolutely love this card. Perfect colour and stamp choice,

  3. I love it! Hope you are over the trauma of the MRI. Many people can't deal with it so you can pat yourself on the back for succeeding.

  4. This is a wonderful card! When you feel like your drowning, just keep your head above water and breathe. I love it!
    Praying your MRI turns out well. I've had to have several of them with all of my health problems in the past 4 years. It you put a dry washcloth or towel over your face (if possible) it helps a lot. It takes away the burried feeling!

  5. Fabulous card and a good reminder how to make it through difficult procecdures.

  6. Great card!This is a word that leaves my lips many times every day!

  7. That captain gave some sound advice. This card brings me serenity.

    1. Although I should confess I'm asthmatic and mostly think breathing is overrated.

  8. What a beautiful card! I pray that I will never have to have an MRI. I think claustrophobia would get the better of me. :-( I hope your "nothing serious" stays that way and goes away. xxx


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