Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Glitter Paper...Makes Me Haaaappyyyyyyy

Just like sunshine on my shoulders, this glitter paper I picked up at Hobby Lobby makes me happy. Last year, I made Christmas ornaments with it, and now a card, the layout of which is taken from Tiffany Johnson's card in Papercrafts Go-To Sketches, page 51.

I did have to move the sentiment. (Tiffany put her sentiment on the circle, but her circle doesn't have a huge snowflake punched out of it....)

Hey, I bet y'all thought I'd forgotten about my resolution to use as many of the Go-To Sketches as possible on my Christmas cards this year. More upcoming, but I'm finding some of the sketches require massive overhaul to be made clean and simple. That's okay, though. It's a challenge.

I love a good challenge. And it just might help me stop seeing the dog who isn't here.

But I doubt that.

Thanks to all of you who gave me input on how to make the blog a place you really enjoy visiting. You've given me some good things to think about and ideas for future posts.

For those who haven't put their own 2 cents in, please feel free to share your answers to these questions: What can I do to make Simplicity more inspiring to you? What would you like to see more or less of here?

stamps: PTI Perfect Poinsettia
ink: Palette Noir
paper: glittery paper from Hobby Lobby, PTI white
accessories: Martha Stewart snowflake and border punches, Marvy circle punches, ribbon, half-pearl, dimensionals


  1. I don't know what I want to see more of until you create it (not very helpful that, is it). One thing that has intrigued me are Prisma pencils, I know nothing about them, not being terribly artistic in the drawing sense, and after the post you did possibly 2 months ago I tracked them down. Are they worth it if all I do is colour stamp images?

  2. I can't think of anything that would add to all the wonderful inspiration you provide. I'm grateful that you take the time to share your creativity, thoughts and humor. Discovering your blog has been such a treat!! Many thanks.

  3. Terri (blindstamper)July 8, 2010 at 7:50 AM

    First, I LOVE your blog. The number one thing you can do to help inspire me is...don't stop posting. :)

    Honestly, I forgot about the question...too sad about Hoover and your loss. As I look at today's lovely card, I guess some construction details could be helpful. Not all cards need much, but I find myself wondering:
    1. what size is this card?
    2. how's that ribbon attached at the top?
    3. is the bow separate?
    4. do you start in the middle with your border punches?
    5. is the blue under the snowflake popped up, or just the white?
    6. what kind of adhesive do you use? asked! My apologies...I may be using your question to distract myself this morning!

  4. Love this card! Received your envelope of papers on Tues. Thank you. What a neat to create some cards! Hugs!

  5. this card is perfection!

    i'd love for you to describe your work flow--is it clean and simple too?

  6. Cassandra, prismas are wonderful and definitely worth trying out. Don't waste your money on cheap imitations, either. I would recommend just getting a few of your favorite colors first, in a few different shades (light, medium, dark) and a colorless blender pencil, and experiment. That way, you can see if it's worth it to YOU to invest the larger dollars on lots of them.

    Terri, the glitter-paper base of the snowflake isn't popped up, just the white punched piece. The flat ribbon is attached with a tape runner (the red 3M one) and simply cut flush with the top of the card. The bow, which I made separately with my Bow Easy, is attached with a glue dot. I do start the border punches in the middle, lining up the edges of the piece I want to punch with the guide on the base of the punch so that the edges come out even. All my cards are 4.25 x 5.5 or 4.25 square unless I say otherwise.

    Hope that helps!

  7. Oh, Mary Dawn, I WISH it were clean and simple, LOL! Instead, my work flow proceeds by fits and starts, trying something, backing up and trying something else, then getting a major inspiration (or not) and trying again. Very non-linear and messy and unpredictable.

    My AR/OC tendencies did NOT like this creative chaos for a long time, but now my inner child (who I thought had been murdered years ago!) started having fun with it and now the chaos feels just fine. I trust it. And always clean up afterwards, LOL!

  8. Lovely card, Susan! I really like
    your blog just as it is. I enjoy
    hearing about your creative process,
    learning about some elements of
    design and seeing your lovely work.

  9. I think what I enjoy most about your blog is seeing your more of that is always good and helpful for me. Education wise I need to learn good design principles. I can look at a card and know it is off, but I don't always know why or how to fix it, what it needs. Perhaps you could teach us by showing us cards that are 'off'--i.e. need fixing, then show us the 'fixed' card, or improved card. (You did that recently with the whale card). So many of the classes are more about selling the products than educating the student.

  10. Susan, I think your blog is just grand. It makes me wish I had the discipline to post every day!
    I like your card today, too -- that shade of blue is very pretty! I have found that some glitter paper sheds, and some doesn't. Where does the HL paper fall on the shedding spectrum?
    Enjoy your day!

  11. Susan, your cards are beautiful, lovely, gorgeous and meaningful. I can also apply more adjectives, but they are too numerous to mention!

    What I know about design placement, I've learned from you. An example is the "design triangle." I appreciate all info on the whys and wherefores (plural, not possessive, so no apostrophe, right?) of your designs and "separate bow/glue dot/Bow Easy."

    I'm so glad you had 14 years with Hoover and I feel your loss of him. It's easy to tell he was a real gem. We had an adopted shepherd-husky-border collie mix for 5 years which my H refused to let move with us (2 boys - 6 & 9 at the time) from rural upstate NY to a neighborhood in central PA "because she wouldn't understand about being on a leash." Why the boys and I didn't go up and get her I will never understand! H and I divorced a few years later. We had left our dear "Posie" with farming neighbors and their collie, so she at least had a family, but it was still abandonment on my part. I still weep over this.

    Continue with your wonderful cards and may you and your family have healing and peace. Maybe Hoover and Posie are now romping tog!

    Carolyn (mcw519)

  12. hi susan, my friend!
    how does one improve PERFECTION?!!
    there is NOTHING you need to change to improve your blog. this is the only place i visit EVERY day. the only place i find awesome inspiration EVERY day. the only place i feel like i belong EVERY day.
    you are truly AMAZING and your gift is INCREDIBLE!
    thank you soo much for sharing so much with all of us. when i grow up i want to be YOU!!!

    marty ferraro

    soo sorry about HOOVER.
    there is nothing like the love of a dog. i am on vacation and rather out of touch with computers at times. you are truly the BEST!

  13. You just keep on doing what you're doing. I really enjoy seeing your work. I am so very sorry to hear about Hoover, I must have missed that post last week. He had the very best life with your family and he will always be in your heart. *hugs*

  14. As to the blog, I love when you illustrate how to take a heavily embellished (and heavy!) card and make your own CAS version of it.

  15. Susan! LOVE the negative punch in the round and the colors remind me of the cold....CUTE!

  16. Marty said exactly what I want to say. Never a day goes by without gaining inspiration and pleasure here. The only thing I'm not crazy about is "sneak previews"....whether for PTI, Hero Arts, Dreamweaver, MFP or anyone else. As a sales tool I wouldn't say they're valuable because by the time the product is available, we've moved on to something even MORE fascinating. I so much wanted that little apple you used for a grid, but today I want the snowflake punch more. God help me if you ever start to use Copics!!!! :-)

    And by the way, PrismaColor pencils no longer blend with Gamsol, mineral spirits or baby oil, and the sets don't come with the colorless blender pencil. You can't really place an order for only a colorless blender, and few internet vendors sell them. I don't know why the formula for the pencils has changed......very frustrating because I can't blend the bunch of new colors I bought recently to expand my sets of Prismacolors. I know they are not from a different line than the soft lead ones we've always talked about. I also have the Watercolor PrismaColors, and use those less because I can't seem to control them as easily.

  17. Susan, your blog is my favourite part of my morning routine. It is wonderful and I am learning so much from you. What I like best is seeing your cards and having you describe how they are done and saying why you did what you did to make them work.

    I know what you mean about "seeing the dog who isn't here" - I've always found that really hard after I've lost a dog. They are such a huge part of our lives.

  18. I don't think "Simplicity" could be any more inspiring. You inspire me to look at my supplies differently. Keep up the good work!

  19. Oops, I forgot about the question too. I NEED this site as much as I need my morning coffee or afternoon tea - I'm an addict! One thing I'd like even more of is your description of your thought process as you select, tweak, move, eliminate, etc. Another would be even more info about supplies, such as ink color name. Thank you again for daily inspiration!

  20. I love your cards. I just wish I could do clean and simple :) I come here for inspiration, tips, ideas and calm! Thank you.

  21. This is a gorgeous card, Susan! As always! ;)

    It kind of broke my heart a little when I read "And it just might help me stop seeing the dog who isn't here." I so hope those funny OLW cards are helping to cheer you up a little! I'm still trying to think of a good one to make you laugh.

    As for suggestions for the blog, I'd say you're already doing an awesome job! I just adore that kraft christmas card you made recently, so maybe you could try out more kraft cards or colored cardstock. Love your work!

  22. I think this blog is inspiring enough( or maybe i just don't have any good 'new' ideas) love your blog and love the idea that my card does not have to resemble "war and peace"(size wise) to be good.

  23. Found your blog thru Ms. Paperlicious and love it. I really like to see your results when you take a complicated, multi-layered card(which really make me want to throw up my hands in despair) and simplify the design, something my average brain can handle. Thank you for taking on this important task!

  24. The glitter paper does take this from "nice" to "wow". I like the placement of your sentiment and the punched out ornament.

  25. Hi,
    I read your blog everyday, and I don't really have any special requests because I like every single card that you make. But...if you are asking, I really would like to see some patterned paper cards occassionally since I have so much of it, and I love your ideas.
    Thanks for your thoughts, consistency and commitment to your blog. It's nice to see an entry everyday!

    Thanks again,
    Lisa (aka tennisrules)

  26. I love your blog, and I can't think of anything to suggest that might make it better. I love the fact that I can get daily inspiration from you. Keep on keeping on!

  27. What a beautiful card! Isn't glittery/shimmery paper fun! I recently found some pearl paper on sale and stocked up on gold and silver for Christmas card-making.
    Your blog is so inspiring, it's hard to imagine how you could improve it! I regularly CASE you shamelessly! :P

  28. I always go to your site first right after looking for personal emails..Improvement for me would be to explain a little more about how you do the card, now that I know what size card makes it easier also if you could use some pattern papers in your examples and also my prismacolour pencils don't blend with Gamsol, or baby oil. Have they changed?
    I'm inspired by you everyday. Your sense of humour helps too..thanks.

  29. I like this card very much! Even though it's July. :)

  30. You have a wonderful blog! I'm glad I happened along it. Your cards are wonderful!


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