Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Card by Audrie Magno-Gordon

Guess what gorgeousness I received in the mail?

THIS gorgeousness:

My friend Audrie sent this to me. (Check out her wonderful blog HERE. She even does videos!) I wish I could post the envelope as well, because it was beautifully stamped and written, too. I tried to blur the addresses on the photo, and ended up making a mess and gave up. But really, Audrie pays attention to every last detail of card and envelope. Beautifully.

Inside the card are the loveliest, kindest words of encouragement and sweetness I can ever remember receiving for my art. This card is right in front of me when I sit at my craft table, carefully placed on my cork board so no pin holes will damage it.

Thank you, Audrie, for sharing your wonderful art with me, and for your kindness, and for the inspiring sentiment. Creativity does take courage.

Thank you, Audrie, from the bottom of my heart!


  1. It is so cool that you would post this on your blog! You're more than welcome! I have always been inspired and motivated by you and your creative philanthropy, I only wish I could do more for you! BIG BEAR HUGS, Audrie

  2. That is lovely! What a thoughtful gift.

  3. Audrie and Susan are where I find my CAS inspirations. You both make me happy with your creations and sharing of your knowledge. I get not just card & art lessons, but often little lessons about life, too, without them being "in your face." Audrie's watercolor-ish creations are absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful card! Just beautiful!


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