Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Moo

In a few weeks, my husband and I will travel to the land of dairy and cheese curds so he can participate in the insanity known as IM-Moo.

See, I do have some cow associations that don't involve boobies udders.

IM-Moo, or Ironman Wisconsin, is a long-distance triathlon consisting of a 2.4-mile swim in Lake Monona, a 112-mile bike ride, followed by a 26.2-mile marathon. That's a total of 140.6 miles that must be completed in under 17 hours.

Udder insanity? You betcha.

George and his brother-in-law will race on September 8 while his sister and I hang out in beautiful Madison, drinking coffee and cheering the crazy people on--comfortably sweat-free--from the sidelines. I plan to blog the whole event from Madison, so depending on your tolerance for crazy, you might want to avoid my Questioning my Intelligence blog that weekend.

Which brings me to today's card.

I love the rolling hills and quaint farms of Wisconsin. It's a beautiful state. Lots of cows.

And on September 8, lots of crazy people who want to burn 7,000 calories in one day.

That's something to moo about, don't you think?

stamps: Papertrey Ink On the Farm
paper: Papertrey Ink white
ink: Memento
accessories: dimensionals, circle punch


  1. Another MOOOvalous post:) I think I'd just sit back and cuddle up with my 7000calories too.

  2. Nice stamping - the background is very cool. This is a fun card.

  3. Fabulous card, Susan - **giggling too, at your post!

    Best of luck to your husband :)

  4. Love the card Susan! I may have to get this set. If you need any info (restaurants, shopping) on what to do when you are in Madison, let me know. Born and raised in the land of Cheese! lol :)
    Just on FYI. The BEST Farmer's Market in the Midwest happens on Saturdays downtown around the Capital square. Go early.

  5. Good luck to George. I hope he has a successful race without injury or illness. Having completed my first triathlon last year, I can identify with his craziness. It is awesome you are so supportive of him, and can't wait to read all about his adventure. I don't think I have it in me to complete an IM level triathlon, so I am settling for reading about his!


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