Thursday, August 8, 2013


Sometimes, I forget I have a bunch of alphabet stamp sets. When I scrapped a lot, those sets saw LOTS of use, but now, they sit, forlorn and forgotten. Yet they can work so well on cards!

Yesterday, you got Thanksgiving, and today, you get Christmas.

Does Susan know it's August?

Yes. Yes, she does. But we'll all be addressing Christmas cards soon enough. Anyone else notice how time is speeding up? Let's develop a pseudo-scientific conspiracy theory about that and let it go viral on the interwebs.

Or not.

Perhaps there are too many pseudo-scientific conspiracy theories out there already.

This card will be easy to mail. I'm lovin' flat Christmas cards (though a bit of bling always makes me happy). We include a dreaded Christmas letter and (for some recipients) school pictures of the boys, so Christmas card envelopes bulk up quickly. Flat can be good, and a happy red-and-white color combination always looks festive. Candy canes, and all that.

I read somewhere recently that CAS cards take less time than embellished cards. This card took at least 30 minutes and one trashed effort. Guess if I made embellished and layered cards, it would take me a week to make just one.

But really, what difference does it make how much time something takes to create? Beautiful is beautiful. Savor the creation of it. You're not punching the clock.

Or perhaps you should punch the clock. Literally. Then maybe time would slow down again and be like it was when I was a kid waiting for Christmas.

Back then, time was molasses-in-winter slow.

Now, the only time that time is slow is when I'm waiting for the coffee to brew.

stamps: Hero Arts (all discontinued)
ink: SU real red
paper: Papertrey
accessories: stamp positioner


  1. I like this card a lot. No way a clean and simple card is quicker than an embellished one. Doing C&S requires precision and there's no way to hide anything if something is off. With an embellished card you just slap something on the boo-boo and you're good. Honestly, I think one of the big reasons highly embellished cards are so popular is because product is the key thing promoted. The more used on a card the more one might be inclined to buy/spend. I view some blogs and want to buy stuff, but when I view your blog or The Frugal Crafter blog I want to MAKE something. Big difference. The card you showcase today could be made with different stamps easily--no need to run out and buy what you used. I love that. At the same time, you or Lindsey may use a product that I might decide I need, so both of you are beneficial to companies with product to sell.

  2. Ooh, Good comment Dinahsoar! And I also love the simplicity of this red and white card!

  3. Adore this! I need to remember to CASE this as it's such a great holiday card. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lovely card and thank you for placing the accent over the "e".

  5. The only way a CAS card is quicker than an embellished card is when we have something lovely like this to copy. Thank you for always doing the hard work. I've stopped subscribing to some blogs and some YT channels that are continually showing "hauls." I don't need the temptation and don't have the money or storage space for more products. I want to use up what I have. Finding the time to do that is hard enough without complicating things further. Again, thank you, for your vision and efforts. You are appreciated more than you'll probably ever know.

  6. Perfectly CAS. Perfectly lovely. It's always nice to come and visit your blog, see your cards, and hear your words of wisdom. Bev

  7. Definitely a card to CASE - love it. I agree with Dinahsoar totally...

  8. Such a good comment from Dinahsoar -I make many types of cards and know how easy it is to cover up mistakes when you use many layers and a lot of embellishments, with CAS, you have to know what you are doing! :) You certainly do, this is stunning, I love how you used those letters.


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