Sunday, August 25, 2013

As Loose as It Gets

Once, while talking to my mother, who is a fine artist, I described a particular artistic style as messy. "Susan," she said, slightly condescendingly, "it's not messy. The proper word is loose."

You may not know this about me, but I'm not exactly a creatively loose person. I know! You're shocked, but there you have it. I'm tight and AR and an obsessive-compulsive creatively neat freak. Things get lined up.

Lined. Up. People.

In straight lines.

Because straight lines make me happy.

Which is why today's first card was so very, very hard for me to make.

But really, I thought that sentiment simply wouldn't like to be associated with a tidy row of flowers all lined up obediently. That sentiment screams out for loose flowers, rockin' flowers, flowers that know how to party. Wild and crazy flowers.

If you're thinking I don't know the meaning of "wild and crazy," well, you're probably right. I seem to only get wild and crazy monochromatically, which isn't very psychedelic, is it?

But I can bling like it's 1999.

Shortly after making the above messy loose card, I made this very straight and lined-up card, with a sentiment that demands order. It's precisely the type of sentiment you want to organize your closets, which is why I LOVE this sentiment and use it all the time.

And no, my closets aren't organized. Oh how I wish real life were as tidy as my art!

stamps: Fresh Squeezed Stamps (Everyday Expressions), Papertrey Ink (Birthday Basics)
ink: VersaColor, VersaMagic
paper: Papertrey Ink
accessories: dimensionals, Stickles, rhinestones


  1. I need that sentiment's help because my closets are definitely loose. LOL
    I do spend a lot of time trying to match up sentiments and stamps. Thanks for your help explaining what I feel but couldn't put into words. It will help me use my stash more effectively instead of buying more sentiments right away. ;-)

  2. I like loose - what a great word to describe an artistic style. I thank both you and your mother. And I love both cards. I understand how they are saying what they say. BTW, my closets are messy - definitely messy :)

  3. OH Susan, you have made me smile today - monochromatically wild and crazy indeed. Thank you.
    When I saw "want to organise your closets", I immediately thought "I must invite Susan over - my closets, and in fact my entire craft room, needs organising"! But then I saw the last line!
    In fact that is what I have to do this morning - put order in my craft room. It is now so L O O S E that's it's almost impossible to create anything!

  4. your Mom reminds me of a teacher in a craft class I took once -- she said my coloring was too uptight! she's right! I guess we have to stick to what we love. Both cards are terrific!

  5. The "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" stamp looks very close to Bank Gothic, my favorite font. Had to order it right away.

  6. What a cute statement, Susan ....

    "It's precisely the type of sentiment you want to organize your closets"

    Made me giggle ... but then I thought how nice it would be to have someone to organize MY closets! Yuk! Organization is way down on my list of things to do. LOL!

  7. It's really fun to read your posts... And educating too! :) I love both flowers -the dancing ones and the still ones.

  8. I'm trying to develop the "less is more" style. It is like a breath of fresh air to open a closet or walk into a room and see space. There's a beauty in it. After reading your post I'm thinking I should do some decluttering and organizing around the house, but I'd much rather make a card! Both of your cards are great, thanks for sharing.

  9. Fantastic post! I love your loose and tidy styled cards -- beautiful work.

  10. I'm glad you clarified the bit about your closets because as soon as you mentioned them I wondered if they were organized. I like both versions of the cards and you called it right both times. I think messy stampers are the ones that get ink all over their fingers and glitter all over the house.


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