Sunday, August 18, 2013

Winter in August

My Christmas and winter stamp collection isn't inspiring me at the moment. No matter how hard I try, I just can't get excited about Christmas stamping, which is weird because in previous years, I'd already have made about 100 cards by now.

Today, I decided that I'm just not in the mood for making Christmas cards, and the best way to deal with this situation is to accept it and wait for the mood to strike. I've tried forcing myself to make quite a few..only three or four of which are worthy of being sent or donated to Operation Write Home. The rest are being disassembled and recycled.

Today's card is one of the survivors.

For those of you who are inspired to start winter cards now, here's a fun idea for you to chew on: the Kaleidacolor Blue Breeze spectrum pad.

What a great way to jazz up a simple large image...with a spectrum ink pad and--of course--a touch of bling!

BTW, thank you for all the comments on yesterday's post. Many of you brought up some interesting points, and if you decide to experiment further with other vertical-sentiment arrangements, please let me know and I'll share links here on the blog. This really is a fascinating design conundrum, with no easy or necessarily right answers...which makes it far more interesting than the average design situation!

stamps: A Muse
ink: Kaleidacolor blue breeze
paper: Papertrey Ink
accessories: rhinestone and Sharpie/Bic markers for color matching it


  1. Stunning, I love these colors.

  2. The blues are perfect for a snowflake card.

  3. Beautiful, love the graduated colours :)

  4. Wow, those colors are truly spectacular!

    I usually have a problem getting interested in Christmas stuff until the snow flies, but this year I've been playing along with the Festive Friday challenge, and have found that having a certian task or theme to focus on, like any other challenge, has helped me keep on track and avoid the last minute rush.


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