Thursday, October 8, 2009

One-Hole Knot Tutorial by LeAnne

Several people have asked about the stay-put ribbon I used on my pesky Monogram Card #2. Here's the scoop. The advantages to the stay-put, one-hole knot ribbons are:

1) they stay put and don't move around as you move cards in and out of envelopes, and

2) they are flatter than regular ribbon knots, which makes them easier to mail.

The only disadvantage: if you decide you don't want a ribbon on your card after all, you're just out of luck. There's a HOLE needed in the one-hole knot technique. Once you punch a hole, it's there forever. You have to be COMMITTED to the ribbon.

Or you can accept that it's just paper and if you screw it up, the world won't come to an end. It can help to say this out loud to yourself. I do.

I learned this knot technique from LeAnne Pugliese's blog HERE. Her tutorial is wonderful (as is the rest of her blog). This technique is pretty slick, and once you've done it a time or two, it's easy.

Happy knotting!


  1. I actually had to hunt this down the other day. I knew you had referenced it, but had to go back a ways to find it. She gave great instructions. Thanks for the link again, now I can bookmark it!

  2. I use this technique often and love it. Thanks for posting the link so more people can learn it.

  3. Thanks for the link to LeAnne's blog... I'm definitely going to try this. Love your cards today, too! And yesterday's variations on a theme, too. The Christmas one with the rose/mauve type tones (can never be sure on the screen) has a stylized poinsettia look that I really like.

  4. Blessings on you! Since the day I first chanced upon your Blog, the Susan-style tips have kept me so busy experimenting I've decided you're my best diet-trick ever....I don't have time to think about food.

    Thanks for the daily pleasure-jolts you've brought to my life!


  5. I saw this technique a long time ago on another blog, tried it and it does work well. Then I forgot how to do it. Now I can try it again! Thanks for the link.

  6. Yep, I love this knot technique too! I think LeeAnn was the blog I saw it on.


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