Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scor-Tape and Glitter, Oh My!

I won a roll of Scor-Tape in some candy from Susie's blog last summer (Thanks, Susie!) and finally pulled it out to play. OH. MY. GOSH. It's easier to work with than I thought it would be (much easier than the "red" tape), and it holds glitter beautifully.

To edge the stamped panel, I cut a piece of tape slightly larger than a long side of the panel. This way, I could handle the ends of the piece but not compromise the stickiness. I placed the first piece down and then cut both ends flush with the paper. Then I lined up one edge of the second piece of tape with the previously stuck-down piece, cut off the extra at the end, and continued this all the way around until the last piece. Of course, I couldn't overlap the pieces, so I used a sharp craft knife to carefully slice the last piece flush with the first piece.

Hope this makes sense. It's harder to describe it than to do it, LOL!

At one point, my tape didn't go down quite right, and because I hadn't firmly pressed it down yet, I was able to pull it up and move it to the right alignment. You can't do that with red tape.

Then I peeled the backing off, sprinkled on white glitter, smoothed it down with my finger, and shook off the excess.

The star was punched and glued down, then I used a glue pen to apply the glitter to it.

I wanted to add a sentiment but couldn't figure where to put it. After a bit of thought, I decided we don't need no stinkin' sentiment. The bling says it all.

And that's all I have to say about that.

stamps: Hero Arts
ink: garden green
paper: PTI white
accessories: Scor-Tape, glitter (Doodlebug)


  1. Love the glittered frame around the tree, especially since it's the same colour as the cardstock!

  2. Another beautiful design! I have lots of glitter. I love glitter. I just bought more glitter today, in fact. However, I cringe whenever I use it...even with one of those little funnel/tray hybrids, even with one of those powdery anti-static bags, I still get glitter everywhere. I'm determined to get over this! I want to use my glitter! Any tips?

  3. Glitter, like cat hair, is something I've always avoided, because it so often finds its way to the butter dish. But my sister gave me lots of tiny pots of the Barbara Towmbley(so?) stuff that's supposed to be so special, and you provided perfect inspiration. Ut! Oh! I MUST have that Hero Arts stamp!

    Thanks so much, Susan.

  4. hehehehe -- you always make me giggle!! Love all your glittery goodness!! I have this tape too and I love it!! You can do SO MUCH with it!!

  5. I love that tree stamp. It looks so slick with that glitter border. What a great card.

  6. how clever you are!
    wonderful card. thanks for sharing. marty ferraro

  7. Swoon!! This is perfection!

  8. Drat, now I want some Scor-tape...you are such an enabler! This is WONderful!!! Love that image.

  9. I have noted the date ...... glitter on your cards but still sooo CAS ... you are a genius.
    The scary thing is I have just looked at this set of Hero stamps and thought 'what can I do with this set' and here you are answering my prayer. Completely agree no sentiment needed. Thank you.......
    BTW the US red tape must be different to the UK kind (there must be joke in there somewhere but it escapes me like most things in life!!!) because my tape sticks glitter in the way you have just fine (and I have the card to prove it ... hehe ... but I agree you can't move it, when it is stuck it is stuck!)
    TFS all your wonderful creations and thoughts.

  10. Yes, Christine, there is a joke in that somewhere, but like you, I'm at a loss. I think our red tape is the same. The red tape in the US actually DOES hold glitter fabulously. But you cannot, as you say, reposition it. It's also thicker than Scor-Tape, so it's a bit bulkier on cards. I've used the red tape this way before and now that I've tried the Scor-Tape, I'm not going back.

    Got a lot of the red tape to use up, though....

    And thanks for all your kind comments!

  11. It's a gorgeous card, Susan, and is making me want to get out some floss and try a tree that way - TFS!


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