Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Another Thanksgiving Crusade Card and Something Completely Different

Today's card illustrates exactly why you need to have Kaleidacolor ink pads in your stash. Stippling with them is AMAZINGLY easy!

Those variations in color from red to brown took absolutely no effort on my part. I just tamped the stipple brush over both colors at the same time and pounced it onto the paper through a mask made with a post-it note and a large leaf punch.

Easy peasy.

(Really, I hate that phrase, but it fits.)

Here's a close up so you can see how the Brilliance chocolate ink shimmers over the stippled Kaleidacolor. Cool, eh? Brilliance inks are so much fun!

And now for something completely different new.

(This isn't Monty Python, you know.)

I made this:

Yep. I took a class on Zentangles, and this was my first effort. What a fun activity...very relaxing and engaging. I never would have taken the leap myself, so I have Leslie Hanna to thank for getting me started. If you've contemplated starting but felt intimidated, I highly recommend you just jump right in. It's fun! Taking a class to start is a good idea. There's a whole system to doing Zentangles that makes it so much easier than you might think.

If I'd had my reading glasses with me, those circles would have been smaller, too. Y'all can see the limits of my contact lens prescription right there on the paper, LOL! My eyes are getting older, along with the rest of me.

How is YOUR Thanksgiving Crusade going, and have you tried Zentangles? Share your experiences in the comments, please. I could use a little advice as I move forward with it!

stamps: Hero Arts
ink: Kaleidacolor, Brilliance
paper: Papertrey
accessories: leaf punch, post-it, stipple brush, rhinestones


  1. Ooo. Love this!!
    I bought a book and a pen recently to try this, but haven't actually done it!
    You will be my inspiration!!
    You did a great job. I love all the variety and flow in this.

  2. love this leaf card so much and I've already told you that I LOVE the zentangle card.

  3. Should have known you would rock Zentangle. Well done!

  4. You have made my day with your Zentangle drawing, and I can't wait to put my Micron pens to another wonderful use!

  5. You have made my day with your Zentangle drawing, and I can't wait to put my Micron pens to another wonderful use!

  6. I still love my Kaleidacolor ink pads and have had them for many years and NEVER had to replace them. They just don't seem to dry out and are fabulous for multi color inking that makes one look terribly creative!

  7. I love the pattern you made for the zentangle. I used to have a teacher who would draw these for us many years ago. I should sit down and do this sometime. It does sound relaxing.

  8. Both of the cards are stunning.... I love (LOVE!) them both... for completely different reasons... :) The beautiful colours of the leaf fit perfectly into my "fall frame of mind"... and the crisp black and white appeals to my need for clean, uncluttered lines... your posts are always a highlight in my day.

  9. Hey Susan, I wanted to share the inspiration challenge with you this week - it's all about tangling! I thought your card was wonderful - in the mood to do another? We miss you at Splitcoaststampers. Hugs, Audrie



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