Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Brilliant Color Showcased

It's funny, but I love the full range of colors and their values...from soft pastels to bright, bold colors and everything in between. Every color has a place.

Subtle color schemes often appeal to me...and rarely appeal to the blog-reading public. Today, for instance, I made a perfectly beautiful Christmas card in non-traditional, muted colors. It's FABULOUS! But it won't photograph well and may never make it onto this here little blog o' mine.

Not like today's card, which fairly glows off the paper with rich, bright, gorgeously brilliant color!

This curvy, gorgeous leaf from First Fruits by Papertrey pops off the card in Kaleidacolor orange, red, and brown inks! I love, love, love the brilliance here. It looks like fire, doesn't it?

And I love it as much as that pastel Christmas card I made.

Do you find yourself drawn mostly to bright colors, soft colors, or the full range of colors? What appeals to you most about color?

stamps: Papertrey First Fruits; Waltzingmouse Blessed by You
ink: Kaleidacolor
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: dimensionals, corner rounder, rhinestone


  1. great card! As the years go by, I've been influenced by the husband, who only like bright colors. I find them more pleasing. However, I've seen some amazing art, including cards, that are all white, black and white, and every other color. but for me, intense color can improve an average card!

  2. I tend to prefer brighter, bolder colors...but sometimes a more pastel card will really strike me.

  3. I'm all over the map, as long as there's no pink or purple. :D

  4. I love bright and I love pastels but I really love combinations that just work together. Like lilac and very soft green or bright pink and orange.

  5. I actually am drawn to the soft, muted tones. Whenever I try to do 'bright' I end up with garish. Sometimes I suspect I am color deaf (as in tone deaf). Just don't have the knack to pick a good bright color pallet. One bright color and white....that I can do and like! :)
    Lu C

  6. Love all colours! Now I just need more inks in all colours. ;-)

  7. I like them all. Depends what type of card I'm making. I'm not fond of pink, but I'll even use that for a baby or wedding card, or birthday card for someone that I know will love a pink card.
    I know what you mean about things photographing well though. The same holds true for gardening. I love the blue of delphiniums, but that color only works well up close. When you have a large yard, it's better to grow "hot"colors. They show up better in the distance.


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