Monday, June 29, 2020

Coloring Die Cuts

While surfing on Pinterest, I saw a picture of someone watercoloring a die cut and thought, huh. That looks smart. 

And it is not only smart, but it's easy.

For this technique, I used watercolor paper for the die cuts (Tim Holtz dies, by the way), a water brush, and distress inks. I smooshed the ink cubes onto a spare piece of transparency, picked up the ink with the brush, and colored the die cuts, letting each color dry before adding the other colors. 

The iridescent pearls on the Healing Wishes card are beautiful!

The spatters on the sympathy card were made with a regular watercolor brush. 

Bottom line, this technique is easy and fun, and I'm probably the last to discover it. ;-)

I have a tiny, little mini-rant. Can we please stop parent shaming? I witnessed an incident of parent shaming yesterday (not aimed at me). It caught me totally off guard, came from an unexpected source, and took me a while to process. Did I hear correctly? (Yep.) Seriously? (Yep.) At church? (Yep.) Was it necessary? (Nope.) Absolutely not. Did it upset the parents who were targeted? You bet it did.

Brene Brown recently posted a video in which she promoted the idea of assuming everyone is doing their best. The vast majority of us are...and we're doing fine. Just like these parents who were just living their lives. 

Assume everyone is doing their best.

Let's go with that, shall we? 

Thank you for listening. 

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and KINDNESS, 


  1. wow Susan - I have done this but mine looked nothing like yours ( of course not hahahah ) these are beautiful .thank you and keep safe x

  2. Brilliant idea, thank you for drawing our attention to it. Your card is beautiful
    Going by media reports, it appears the fashion to moan, complain ... about everything. Kindness IS there...

  3. And the bonus to coloring die cuts, is that it eliminates that nasty white border that you see so often! A friend also suggested if you have matching die cuts & stamps, to die cut FIRST, THEN use the MISTI to stamp on the die cut. Brilliant! Works so much better than the reverse.
    I think we'e all on edge with the Virus as it continues to decimate our country, the BLM situation, and the political climate. Need to give ourselves room to breathe. Can't imagine parenting young children right now...they need a pat on the back.

  4. I have never tried this technique. I might, but I'm not enamored with water coloring. I have trouble having the paper curl. I'm sure I'm not doing something correctly. Maybe my patience is what I need to work on!

  5. Thank you for the off to try my hand at water coloring my die cuts!!


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