Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Live Simply

For years, I've studied minimalism...in design and in life. I'm not a minimalist because, well, craft supplies and books. Plus, I'm married to a maximalist and birthed two maximalists as well. 

But I do have a minimalist wardrobe and design sense. The New Hero Arts sentiment set called Zen Messages has this lovely Live Simply sentiment that speaks to my soul!

The window was made with a Hero Arts square die and then trimmed evenly on three sides. It's raised on dimensional tape. The background colors are Distress shabby shutters and tumbled glass. The branch is from a Tim Holtz die and the butterfly is from a Tim Holtz punch. 

I shared with my beautiful friend (from yesterday's post) that I had hit a wall today. So sad, frustrated, angry, depressed! She texted back: "The world is crazy and I've made the decision to just worry about my corner of it. It helped me." Her words helped me, too. And maybe you need to read them as well. 

Do you try to live simply? If so, how? If not, what do you love about your complicated, messy life?

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,


  1. Lovely! And I guess I don't have those distress colors. Grrr! I have found myself doing too much crafty shopping during the pandemic. Prayers for the days ahead. Liked your friends comment. I can say it might be easier to worry about someone else's little corner right now since my corner seems to big.

  2. This is just lovely. It appears that I am a maximalist - also in terms of craft (both papercrafting and quilting supplies) and books. Aside from that - I think we tend to live more simply - simple meals, enjoy hanging out at home, etc. I love your friends sentiment - it reminds me of the Serenity Prayer in some ways. Watching the news too much stresses me out. I've been turning to prayer more throughout the pandemic and recent current events. That's been helping. I've always loved your signature tagline - Mercy, grace, peace and love. I would add kindness to that. More of all of those things would go a long way in this world of ours.


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